SATC horseshoe necklace?

  1. Someone told me that Carrie wore a diamond horseshoe necklace on Sex and the City. Can anyone confirm this or have any pics?
  2. I don't have any pics, but I remember it was "the hot thing" for quite a while!
    There is a very nice version at in diamond/platinum.:love:
  3. I think there were three horseshoes. She sometimes wore them together and sometimes wore them apart.




    If you just google it, you will certainly find more. I saw a couple on ebay too.

    (I have her name necklace with my name from and I was very happy with the service and the necklace)

    How can I insert pics in the post itself??
  4. They were made by Mia & Lizzie if I remember correctly.

    They are not around anymore but Lizzie Scheck still makes jewelry.
  5. I remember that was a very hot item to have :smile:
  6. That's cute. Cuter than the Circle of Love; to me.
  7. I remember seeing that necklace on her. It's really cute!