SATC dress?

  1. I was watching "The Chicken Dance" episode of SATC, and I LOVE Carrie's dress that she wears to the wedding, but I can't find out who it is from. Anyone know?
  2. Its a chiffon gown by Donna Karan! :flowers:
    I have to say i love that dress and episode,aswell.:love:
  3. WHOA!! Look at YOU, Lime for pulling up that pic so fast!!! Way to go!! :biggrin:
  4. Thank you:shame: i am a SATC afficionado i am afraid.:smile:
  5. Lol. Thanks. You must be an afficianado, because I couldn't even find a pic of it when I looked. I've only recently started watching SATC, but I have to say I love it.
  6. no worries, Lime.. if you are a SATC expert, youre considered one of my idols.. :love: