SATC - Don't ask, don't tell...

  1. Oohhhh, this episode gets me every single time. I cry so hard :crybaby: I think that the acting that SJP and John Corbett did were fabulous and really heartfelt. Listening to the commentaries on the DVD, the creator (can't remember his name!!) said that they were a perfect match for eachother from day one, that's why they did such a good job with eachother.

    Sorry, I spent a majority of my day rewatching the SATC dvds :smile:
  2. ^^ i do that sometimes and true.. emotional moments in that series makes you tear every single time.. its magical
  3. I've been watching some re-runs here and there on WGN (which means all the juicy parts got cut out - darn!) and I really like the Smith Jerrod character. What a nice guy!:love: How did someone like Samantha get him? Life is sooo not fair.
  4. I watch a set of DVD's at a time.....I absolutely LOVE's just this feeling it gives me everytime I watch it....:smile:
  5. I liked Aidan the most out of all her boyfriends. Big is a bloated lothario, and Mikhail Barishnakov (sp?) is...old. Too old for Carrie.
  6. I love to set the dvds on "play all" as I work in my art room!

    I really liked the Aidan/Carrie storyline.
  7. I miss Aiden too!! I thought that he was the best for Carrie--in that he was really good for her! He was the most Real. They were such a good match!! It's too bad they didn't end up together!

    Another bad bump in the Carrie romance saga--Berger! What a whiner!
  8. i loved smith.. the model HE WAS SOO in love with sam..

    i thought it was very 'real' how miranda ended.. i liked aidan but i know this is bad but i L:OVED big. he was sSUCH a real Ass at times. which is how men relaly are
  9. i actually prefer Mr. Big to Aidan. he was the only one who could match Carrie on her own level

    Aidan is too sickly sweet, and the pressure he put on Carrie in Season 4 irritated me beyond all reason. as Samantha said, "if he seems too good to be true, he probably is." but the Don't Ask, Don't Tell episode had me sniffling anyway :lol:

  10. ITA, no man is perfect but at least Big could be reomantic and caring, at times. And let's face it at the end, he went to get Carrie from Paris and then he sold his property in Napa and moved back the NYC.

    (I one of those ewomen who doesn't want a man to be too good and sweet, they normally turn out to ebe withe rclingy or possesive.)
  11. I have all the seasons on my hard-drive and watch them over and over and over!
    I liked Mr. Big (John!) the best; Aidan was too needy and clucky I thought.

    The Russian was the hottest!
  12. A big YES to that! :yes: I always thought Mr. Big is the guy for Carrie! Once he found out he has a chance with her from the girls, he went straight to Paris to reclaim his love and rescue the damsel in distress...He had a formidable foe too - the artsy & successful multi-lingual "Russian"! What a romantic and charming ending, absolutely love the last 2 episodes! :smile:
  13. I completely agree!
  14. I absolutely LOOOOOOVE Mr. Big. He reminds me so much of Bart, haha. Just his personality and everything.

    The story line that I liked least for Carrie was when she was with Burger. I didn't find him funny or good for her :\\
  15. I didn`t like Berger either.....nor the Russian

    Aiden was lovely but I dont think she was truely into him.....Mr Big was always her main love