Sat night!! anyone drinking??

  1. Hey girls! I just got back from a cocktail party...anyone drinking then hitting the forum?:graucho: I love the new smileys!
  2. Yes! I had a glass of Reisling White wine (my favorite) and ahi tuna appetizer at the bar in The Daily Grill...;)
  3. I kind wish I could have nice glass of wine right about now, but since I just had surgery, I cannot...:sad:
  4. Annabelle, Reisling is my absolute favorite (it's NOT too sweet, like so many say) and that tuna sounds great. Twinkie, I'm so sorry you're still recovering...but we should all celebrate when you are totally good to go!!!!
  5. I learned the hard way not to combine alcohol and shopping.
  6. Are you feeling better?
  7. Lol! No shopping on the PF:smile: I'm not actually really drunk...but you're right about not drinking and buying...that's one reason why this is a good place to stop when tipsy on the web:lol:
  8. just finished off a bottle of ecco domani (not all by myself i promise ;)) and i'm feeling soso happy :P....back to studying for exams tomorrow of course :shame:
  9. there has to be a good story there. care to share????
  10. nope, I roamed around then went home.. also, I dont consume alcohol..
  11. Yes,, that sounds good!

    I'm house-sitting right now and their internet is not working well -- I got kicked off, so -- drunk or not! -- I may end up seeing you all tomorrow:smile:
  12. Ughhh, no! Still so hung over from last night.. :sick: No drinking for a while!
  13. ^^^ LoL!!
  14. i drank last night in celebration of cinco de mayo and nba playoffs (my team got eliminated last night :sad:). tonight i am staying in & studying :angel:.
  15. Kind of. It has only been a couple of days since surgery and I'm sure I'll start to feel better next week. Thank goodness for narcotics to take the edge off of the pain. I am just bored out of my mind sitting around doing nothing!!!:yucky: