Sassy City Chicks Holiday Designer Sample Sale

  1. Sassy City Chicks Holiday Designer Sample Sale
    November 12th Belamar Hotel
    Shop from over 40 designers
    Indulge in free beauty treatments and get a fabulous giftbag
    To purchase tickets visit:
  2. Some of the designers that will be there

    Oshiro Designs Jewelry, Moss Mills Clothing, Nothing To Wear Clothing, Tiffini Dooris Jewelry, Ana Capri Clothing, Dutch Duds Clothing, Yinka Oladiran Jewelry, Stacey Lynn Products (Kids), Noelle Handbags, Chester Handbags, Lustre Accessories, Too-Faced Cosmetics, She Rocks Belts, Julia Martin Jewelry, Violet Leopards Clothing and Accessories, Vex Clothing, Simply Soo Jewelry, Save the Ta-Ta's Tees, Jacqui Chazen Accessories, Arte Astratta Jewelry, Chartreuse Clothing and Accessories, Girlie Designs Clothing, Donald J Pliner Hangbags, Natalie D Clothing, Wendy Glez Lingerie, Lisa Joy Accessories, Love Story Shoes, Gigi Garner Jewelry, Visaya Style Clothing, Rosary Belts, Ginger Peachy Designs Jewelry, Christina Helm Designs (Belts and Shoes), Marcia Moran Designs Jewelry, Dmerlin Castell Clothing, Tebazile Jewelry, Jhoomer Jewelry, Wahine Jewelry, Ankh Apparel (Loungewear), Tammi Lyn Handbags, Tail Bait (Lingerie), Phoebe's (Dog Accessories), and more!