Sass & Bide Warehouse Sale!!!

  1. Hey guys!

    especially those in Sydney, Australia..

    i've just heard that sass&bide are going to have their biannual (or is it annual?) warehouse sale on the 20th (or was it the 22nd) at Rosebury.

    sorry for the unrealiable information right now, but i'l update you soon!

    jeans and other items are going to be about 50-70% off!

    For those in Perth, apparently the sales on tomorrow!

    tees are $40
    jeans are $80 including misfits!
  2. ok.. full info here now
    it runs from Thurs 22nd June 3-9pm
    Fri 23rd 11-8pm
    Sat 24th 9-5pm

    Mentmore House,
    Mentmore Ave

    if you live overseas, try getting one of those professional buying services to help you out if you want since you can get really good deals here =)
  3. if anyone is going to this, let me know if you could pick up a pair or 2 (i'll pay a finders fee). thanks :smile:
  4. I have used for CPs from sass & bide sales before and highly recommend them. They are located in sydney so they will definetly be able to go.

    love sass & bide sales, cant be $80 jeans & $40 tees
  5. definitely 80 for jeans, and 40 for tees. Also in AUD so even better =)

    I've been to two of these warehouse sales and they're always these prices! Also, this is what i heard from the melbourne sales that were back a few weeks ago.
  6. Yes, for this sale in Sydney, prices will be as follows:

    Tees - $40
    Jeans - $80
    Denim Jackets - $120

    sometimes they have a $100 deal for a pair of denim jeans and tee or something like $160 for a pair of denim jeans and a denim jacket.

    usually fashion dresses cost about $120
    I hope they have misfits at this sale, they did have them at Melbourne.
    I won't be going to the sale because i'm leaving to go overseas on Monday 19th. But my sister is going, i'm happy to ask her to do a couple CPs if anyone wants. :smile:
  7. does anyone know if any decent designer menswear is going on sale anywhere? I'm the last to know about these undercover sales lol!