sass & bide misfits jeans

  1. these are the best skinny jeans ever and they do not stretch out at all which i love. they retail for about $240 wherever you find them online, but ive purchased two pairs from babiekingdom on ebay for $200 USD(includes the shipping) and she is awesome and they come from australia in about 5 days (im in california). highly recommended and saves you $40 a pair if anyone was looking for some =)
  2. If you do a search for Sass and Bide misfits on ebay Australia you will find that BNWT misfits are usually cheaper even when you include postage because they retail for about AU$180 (US$137) here in Australia. I think there's only one particular style of misfits that cost AU$220 (US$167) :smile:
  3. and at the warehouse sales they have them for $80AUD!

    I use this site to get them from the sale, cause its too crazy for me at the sales. jeans, tops & fists flying everywhere
  4. I LOVE misfits! Theyre the best fit along with topsop baxters!
  5. Ooh -- I've been eyeing these for a while. Glad to know I can find them a little cheaper elsewhere. Are they true to size?
  6. I think they're pretty true to size, but they stretch like nothing else. Most sales assistants here would reccommend that you go a size smaller than your usual size because of that stretch factor
  7. And also just so you guys know, if you're buying from Ebay, make sure you ask the seller if the tags of the jeans are slashed (if they are it means they were from the seconds/samples warehouse sales), some of these can stretch by 2 sizes
  8. ive never had a problem with mine stretching. they have stayed tight which is one of the reasons they're my favorite. and they seem pretty true to size :amuse:
  9. if im a US 24, what size misfits should i wear? AU6?
  10. Sass and Bide makes their jeans in sizes 24, 25, 26, 27 etc. 24 is the equivelant of a 6, so I'd say that'd be right
  11. im about a 26/27 in us jeans (like rock&republic and true religion) and i wear a 26 in the sass and bides. i think it basically translates the same