Saskia owners please help me!!!!!!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    please give me your help on my saskia problems!
    I am so crazy with this bag, that I search for it all the time! Unfortunately when I discovered it, its season had passed and it is very difficult to find one.
    At first, I fell in love with the square tote, but since then, the other styles have started grow on me.

    My favourite is the dome top one, like this

    I prefer it to the more triangular and flat one. And I love these vivid colours (prune and aquafresh are top for me). But of course there are not any of these available!
    From the other side, a black bag will enjoy more use from me I believe (or so I tell myself), so searching, I discovered a black accordian saskia, here

    I know that accordian does not have a zip, but a magnetic closure and that is more flat than the dome top one (the same thing I believe with the non-dome top saskias, that have a zipper though).

    Does any of you own an accordian in this size (14.5'' w, 8.5'' h and 4.5'' d)? I would appreciate your experience.

    Also, the leather is the same in all saskias?

    I am waiting anxiously for your opinions!

    Thank you so much!
  2. I don't have any accodian experience to share but I prefer the larger dome style. The leather of these two seem very similar but not all Saskia have the same leather because my large studded one is very different from the two you're looking at. Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. Hi ginaki - I have the accordian style saskia in eggnogg - a bright mustard color. I have also owned the same size in a studded accordian version, and the larger squarish saskia in red.

    Unless you are a person who carries a lot of things in your bag - I would stick with the smaller accordian version, or the zippered middle sized one. Yes the dome and larger sizes look pretty, but they are getting on the heavy side, and would hang longer, meaning you would be susceptible to denim rub and belt scratches etc.

    The normal saskias come with quite a scructured but incredible smelling leather, which is prone to corner rub at the bottom - whereas the studded version is a floppy super soft leather which does not hold the bag as structured - both are lovely - yes they are different - but for the saskias in solid colors with no studs - the leather should be consistent.

    The accordian is compact, but fits your basic everyday stuff - and sits at a nice length:



    Hope this helps answer your query - good luck finding the one you like!
  4. Thank you so much for your answer ladies!

    Wow daisyrockyrosie, incredible photos! Beautiful!

    The problem is that I'm getting confused with the different sizes and types of saskia, but if they were available, it would be easier for me to decide! Now, unfortunately I don't have many options, since they show up on ebay once in a while!

    Seeing them on you, I like both (of course, even if I like the red, I cannot find anywhere this size)! The only red saskia I have found, is the smaller version, with one lucite handle, and the dimensions are 11'' x 7.5'' x 4''. Wouldn't it be quite small? I believe this is the smaller saskia.

    Also, between the red one of yours and the smaller one, is there another medium size?
    I am so confused!

    This for example

    which is dome top, had according to bluefly the same dimensions as the one I have found on ebay, but it has two lucite handles. I believe it is due to the depth, because it is the dome style.

    I mean is it small, medium, large, square, and every one of this can either be dome top or not?

    The red large saksia you own is like that?

    I believe, since I don't carry a lot, it would be quite large for me.
    I would go for a medium size if I could find one. I was inclined to the dome one, but your mystard accordian is beautiful! Very chic..

    I think the ideal saskia for me would be the one that mariabdc got (there are pictures at the thread REVEAL: I've adopted a plum Saskia!). This one is not the dome style, or the one that brigitte has (thread My new Saskia - pics!). Same colour, but dome style (same size too?)

    I hope you don't mind writing the threads here girls!

    Well, I have seen a studded greenstone saskia on ebay, accordian again, but I am afraid it may gets dirty...

    So sorry for the large post, but there are so many thoughts in my head, I might write a book!!
  5. Well, as I understan -please correct me if I am wrong-, regarding the saskia (let's say medium, as your mustard saskia daisyrockyrosie), the dome top type has a zipper, and the non-dome type is called accordian and has magnets on top. (There is not a non-dome type with a zipper).

    In large saskias, such as the red, there is always a zipper on top (or is there a large size acoordian? Your red large size closes with a zipper)?

    So the dome top has a zipper and the others (in medium size let's say) are accordian?

    I leave out the saskia totes with no lucite handles and the smaller one with the one lucite handle.

    If you could help me girls I would be grateful!
  6. Good info from DRR. Yes, the accordian style has a magnetic closure and I believe only comes in that size with magnetic closure. There is a medium size like mariabc's which closes with a zip top. I've had and returned both these sizes, and ended up with a large black similar to DRR's red one. I just prefer the look of the larger size, but as DRR mentioned it does get heavy. All are beautiful, so it's just a matter of personal preference. I did find the studded versions to have the softer leather.

    Here's a pic of my large dome Saskia. (Note: the top is rounded)

    Attached Files:

  7. Well, I know I have been a nightmare for you all, we these big posts and my questions, but now I am going to post something different!!

    A few minutes ago, I purchased my first chloe from bonanza!

    A black saskia accordian!

    I am looking forward to receiving this, I am so happy!
  8. Congratulations, glad you found one.:tup::yahoo:
  9. llson, very helpful information too, thank you so much!!

    I love yours, it is like the one I have missed on ebay, it was in ritter blue. And then, all this started!!!!

    I am very happy to get the accordian, as I will wear it very often. And of course I will keep my eyes open for another one, preferably dome top and coloured :graucho:

    PS So Maria's is not an accordian? (If you know it of course...)
  10. Well, that's the one I ordered

    Isn't it beautiful?
    I believe it is like the mustard saskia mentioned above from DDR, and the red saskia found at the All about Sakia thread. Also I think that mariabc's is also accordian, if you take a look at this thread, the style is similar to the red accordian, the mustard and the blue one (they all are posted in this thread).
  11. congrats on your black accordian - I think you'll like it. No Maria's plum saskia is not an accordian style - there is an inbetween style in a rectangular shape like the accordian that holds a little more and has a zippered closure at the top.

    Please post pics when your bag arrives!
  12. Thank you DDR!

    You have been a great help!

    I will post pictures when I get it!

    Also, about the link I posted

    it seems to be a little different than Maria's plum saskia.

    Maria's is here

    The one in my link seems to be dome top, while Maria's is more open at the side...
  13. Hi again - sorry for any confusion - Maria's bag is an accordian - same as my eggnogg and the one you've purchased... the link is for a different style.
  14. Thanks for confirming! I studied the pictures very much you see :biggrin:

    Well, I have news!

    I don't know if my accordian saskia has opened the way, but searching on ebay, I found out...... an eggnog square saskia!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was on german ebay, and the seller wrote that he ships only to Germany. Of course I mailed her right away asking if she is willing to sell to Greece! She answered positive.... she sent me additional photos....Brigitte kindly authenticated it as real.... and yes!!!! You can imagine what happened!!!

    It is mine!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot believe it I found myself with two saskias in one week! I searched everywhere but with no luck! I am very happy as well because I got two different colours, the black that is classic and I'll wear it all the time, and the eggnog that is so bright and vivid colour (DDR like yours, right? I love it)! And two different styles as well! (Also, the eggnog square one was at a very good price)!

    Thank you ladies for helping me and I will post sime pictures when they will come to my arms!!!