Sasha's Bbag collection

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  1. I have been a TPF member since december and in mid-January I bought my first bbag which was aquamarine 07 city and since then I am hooked to it. I sold my other brands in order to persue my dream collection. For the past 2-3 months I have had a lot of Bbags, some I did not like and sold and some which I liked but there was another better one, so I was forced to sell. In the end, I am still a student so I need to make sure I have money to feed myself. Anyway I just thought it would be nice to have somewhere where I can keep tracking my bags and growing collection (hopefully :P). My bags keep changing and swapping these past days but hopefully it will be more stabilised from now on. Hope you like my bag collection.

  2. Individual shots


    Rose 04 Twiggy


    Eggplant 04 City


    Turquoise 05 City


    AG 05 City


    Chocolate 05 City


    Rouge Theatre 05 City


    Aquamarine 07 City


    Black 07 City

    PS. Sorry for all my silly charms
  3. OMG! Your collection is so yummy! :drool::drool::drool: I love all of it!
  4. I'm in bbag heaven! :angel: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bbags! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Very pretty collection, and I love all of your little charms, they add lots of character to the bags, and make them really unique! :smile:
  6. Wowsa!!! That's amazing!!
  7. wow, love all the colours!
  8. i love each and every one of them!
  9. Gorgeous Balenciaga collection :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:.
    I only want one of them...:yes::drool:....
  10. Amazing! Look at all those 05's! I was going to say I love the turq and the apple and the....and then I realized I was going to end up listing them all! I love them all! What a beautiful collection! I would love to have that many bals! And you've collected to many in such a short time! Congrats on a truely fabulous collection!
  11. wow amazing collection:heart:
  12. Your collection is TDF! love it. I wish I have so many one day.
  13. Thank you very much VanillaSky :biggrin:

    Thank you so much scarcici

    Thank you very much CleoCouture. I think I probably have bought too many in a short time like you said lol. But more or less my collection is nearly completed. The only colour I'd want for now is ink city.

    Thank you so much bextasy :smile:

    hehehe :smile: I am sure you will have. Thank you very much Samia
  14. Thank you very much SweetPurple :heart:

    hehehe :flowers: that's my pleasure. Thank you very much

    I am glad you love my little charms. I am not too sure if it makes the bag look a bit childish :sweatdrop: but I love Hello Kitty and bears and stuffs so it is the thing I like really. Thank you very much :flowers:

    Thank you Love LV :smile: I've just started collecting. Hopefully my collection will grow bigger.

    Thank you :smile: very much peach6 :flowers: they are so colourful, arent they? :P
  15. And these two are my latest addition. Just received them in the post today. Thank you Lanier for your kindness :smile:.


    Magenta 05 City


    Turquoise 05 Coin Purse