Sasha duffle in black leather or black patent? please help!

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  1. Hi Ladies! I am new to the Botkier forum. I really like the sasha duffle but am having a hard time choose between the black leather or the black patent.

    Please post pics of the black patent if you guys have it!! I would love to see how it looks on. I want to buy it as an everyday bag and don't mind the flashiness of patent. I recently bought a black miu miu bow satchel (not patent), so I was thinking that I should buy this in patent.

    Please help! thanks in advance!!:lol:
  2. the black patent is on sale for $486 at right now :smile:
  3. I don't own a Sasha myself, but I really like the patent version from the campaign pics... I say go for it!
  4. thanks so much skannystyle!!! i just bought it!! :nuts:

    thanks for your opinion pigen!

    do you think the black patent seems more "trendy" and may go out of style quicker than the sasha in regular black leather?
  5. oh wait!! the one on sale is the HUGE one huh! i'm so sorry! i meant to say Small duffle! do you think the duffle will be too big? it looks really big to me!
  6. It might seem more trendy to some, but I believe that patent will never be out of style - it's a classic that will keep coming back over and over again :tup:
  7. i own the sasha duffle in black patent, and i love it!! i bought it 2 months ago and i've been using it everyday since. the black patent is a nice change from black leather. i think you should totally go for the black patent, because it makes the bag more unique, but because it's black, it goes with everything!
  8. Missed the one at Saks :sad: and no more regular black leather ones at Nordstrom. Looks like black is impossible to get.