Sasha/Bianca owners....please advise!


Aug 30, 2007
Hi, I am new to the Botkier forum but have admired their bags for a while. I have finally decided to make my first Botkier purchase and am deciding between the Small (not mini)Sasha and the Medium Bianca.

I have gone through all the threads and was wondering if the owners on one or both could give comparisons on the size differences and durability of the leather.

For Sasha: I was wondering if the satchel handles on the Sasha get in the way when the bag is carried hobo style.

For Bianca: Does the outer handle (closest to outer zip pockets) stay put or slide off?

I would appreciate it if anyone who had both bags could post photos of them together. I was sure I was going to get Sasha until I began reading all the raves on Bianca....thanks so much!!!! :smile:


Apr 29, 2008
i own the medium bianca for about 2 months now. when u say slide off, do you mean like if it has a tendency to slip off the shoulders? because if so, nah it doesnt quite do that.
all up im actually pretty surprised how well and easy it is to dress up and/or down the bianca, but alas i've decided to sell it off somehow. because my eyes are on another lol!
hope that helps :smile:


Bonafide Bag Hag
Jun 20, 2007
Sunny Florida USA
I have an olive Medium Bianca and just got another in the medium rose color (fuschia) which is fabulous. I personally love this style. It's compact but has plenty of room to carry everything I need. I had a Sasha but ended up selling it to finance something else I wanted more (at the time).