Sasha bag is up at BG site!

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  1. The sad thing is, the fake one's site has a lot more pics. If the shape is accurate, then it looks like the bag has a lot of neat compartments. I like how it opens, with a magnetic flap, and not the zippers, which are neat but look like a pain to access.
  2. wow. i'm terrible at telling fakes online but it has every detail! wow.
  3. I am really digging MBMJ this season. I really like the dove and the detail of the bag, but I am not sure about the strap drop. I am not too keen on longer strapped bags and this looks like it would fall a bit past the hip. THink it is adjustable?
  4. love the bag. hate the fake. It is horrible. There is even fake hilliers. I get so scared buying anything now. Especially how accurate they are
  5. It looks really good, but I am still waiting on the Sookie! And I seriously love the lining on those fakes, hopefully the real ones have cute lining too!
  6. I have an 09 poppy mouse hobo (authentic) that has this same lining, so I'm betting most of the other MbMJ bags have it, too.
  7. It doesn't look like it, but it's kind of hard to tell. I hope it is too.
  8. I posted a bunch of pics last week from a website in Indonesia (which we weren't sure whether or not they were authentic or not, but it appeared that most of the bags on the site were)

    Also, the bag is supposed to come in Black, Brown, Rust, Maine Blue, and I believe he said "Currant" (not sure). It's in the last batch of deliveries which is scheduled for early September - October

    here's what the lining looked like in pics taken from that other website

  9. after seeing pics of the fake on iOffer, I'm convinced the ones on that other website are authentic -- look at the design differences!!! The fake has two ugly snaps under the front flap, while the "authentic" one has a hidden magnetic snap. the fake has a horizontal front zippered pocket, while the "authentic" shows an open pocket there - and look the back of the bag!! It's NOTHING like the "authentic" one!!
  10. wow! i can't believe the fakes are that fast this season.... the bag itself is adorable, i love the doves and the zipper on this.
  11. Love this!!! I'm totally getting one of these!
  12. It's insane (and scary!) how fast they are making fakes of these bags. In particular MbMJ bags which, in the past, have never had fakes made, particularly prior to 2005-2006 or so.

    I guess when the price of the bags go up, so too does the profit margin for making these fakes.

    It is obvious by just looking at the bag and not knowing details of the bag that it is fake, so at least that is one good sign that we're still able to tell the difference!
  13. What? There's a fake of this ALREADY? Sheesh. Cute bag, but I'd love some tassels on the side zippers. Kind of reminds me a little of Rebecca Minkoff's Beloved.
  14. it's so cute. I can't believe there are fakes already.

    ITA neko, the side zips do look a like the RM Beloved. good call.