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  1. Hi,

    How many SAs do you guys have? And how do you decide who to buy from? I have couple and some of them get the same stuff. If I am on a wait list for same bags with couple of people I am not sure who to buy from! I feel guilty choosing a bag from neiman Marcus (so so SA) where I don't have to pay tax from instead of saks where I do (SA there is the best). Anyway, let me know your thoughts and how you guys deal with SAs!

  2. I have a SA for each boutique/dept store because of different reasons. They usually don't get the same items. So, I was forced to go to different places. Also, the dept stores will ship the items, which is really convenient. I also like to rack up points on my NM card!
  3. Since I've moved, I've not really been here long enough to establish relationships with the department stores (a bag here from one, a bag there from another), and mostly have SA's at Chanel boutiques, which is a disadvantage when (1) they can't ship a classic and (2) you can't buy more than one a month and 6 in a year. I need to start finding time to diversify. When I'm back east, I'm doubly doomed as there is no major department store unless you drive for a long day, and that's not even to a Chanel boutique. You should not feel guilty because this is the reality with different stores having different rules and getting varied stock of bags in. You sometimes just have to go with what you can find. They know this and know you'll be back.
  4. I only buy from one particular Chanel boutique, but at that boutique I have 3 SAs. Sometimes when any one (or two) of them is on a leave, I can contact the others for immediate response.

    But a more important reason is that each of my SAs has their own "specialty" - one from RTW, one from leather goods and one from watches and fine jewellery. I'm not sure if it's the case elsewhere, but in HK, if you want to keep an item on hold and you have a SA from that dept, they can keep the item on hold for a longer period. Also, for some rare items - say, a RTW dress which the boutique only had one in stock - the SAs from RTW dept won't put it on display. Instead, they will keep it at the back room and only bring it out for existing clients.

    Oh and one more thing - SAs from different depts can invite you to different events. For instance, my SA with fine jewellery background had invited me to an exclusive exhibition and dinner event in HK last week; while my other SAs are able to invite me to the Fashion shows of 2014 SS Act 2 and Haute Couture.

    I agree with you that sometimes I'll feel guilty when trying to decide who to buy from! All my SAs are super nice to me and since they know my tastes (e.g. I LOVE everything in pink, purple with bows or lace:love:) they will contact me when they have items that will suit me :smile: I think the service provided by the SAs is also part of the shopping experience, that's why I only work with SAs who treat me nice and really know my preferences.
  5. I started my journey with Chanel with a SA from BG. As I read and learn from other mbira in the forum I realize I need to branch out. Each dept store has different inventories. The original SA I work with it harder to track down and reply. There are other nice SAs out there. I'm picky so if the SA aren't responsive to my questions I usually don't buy from them
  6. I am happy to see this thread. I have wondered the same thing.

    I just started to build relationships with SAs and I am a Chanel newbie.

    My local NM doesn't have good selections and later I realize it's b/c you have to build relationships with SAs and get a first look. Their new stock sometimes get sold out on the day of arrival without hitting the shelf so you see mostly seasonal bags in the store (not even popular seasonal pieces). For classic flaps, GSTs, CWC and WOC, you also have to wait and sometimes 3-4 months! And they cannot hold any. Chanel bags. If you want it, you have to pull out credit card right away.

    I went to my local Chanel SF boutique a few times and finally found one SA that is good. (Often time the boutique is as crowded as markets and hard to find a SA available).

    With California having high sales tax, I prefer to buy from BG but I have tried 3 SAs so far and none of them are as good as my NM local SA! Sometimes I hear from them when I need them to locate one particular item for me. Sometimes they are completely MIA. But because they can get me what I can't find in my local store w/out tax I have to bear with them 😝

    But I agree with Tutu that SAs know we also shop around. For example, today I walked into Chanel boutique with by beige fonce Boy and my SA asked me if I got from NM as she knew boutique didn't have it! And my NM SA told me to find 2.55 WOC from boutique cuz they don't order it!
  7. Nice thread! :smile:

    I started my Chanel journey with one SA from Nordies at the time. But then I noticed that they don't get much of a selection, so I ventured to NM which I have a wonderful SA. And because of TPF, I was recommended a few different SAs from BG, Saks, and boutiques. They are all great, and they know I shop around to other department stores for the color and style I want. They understand, because they know they don't have it all.

    However, I do try to make it fair for them. If for say, I'm looking for a certain style and both NM and Nordies has it, I buy from the one that I know worked really hard to find it for me.

    Over time, I do build a relationship with some of them. Especially the ones at Nordies and NM, both of them are great people as friends. ;)
  8. I have a sales associate I love from both my local boutique and Nordstrom. I can't stick to just one though because the boutiques vs. the department stores get different inventory. Chanel makes it too difficult
  9. I am a newbie. When I first start, I did a random 'casting' with 5 SA. All from NM and Saks. 3 responded fast. I like them. But 1 particular one stood out like a shinning star when I wanted a piece that was sold out in the whole US. But you never know.... This star SA took my request, tracked the last one down. How could I not buy from her?

    Since then she is the first one I turned to for an item. So far so good. Responsive. I want her to get the commission because she remembers my request and keep a look out for items I want.
    Recently, out of the blue she email me a sale item .
    Just love her.

    I kept the other 2 SA because I wanted options -- in case they have what I wanted.

    I am fiercely loyal but I am also a customer .... I buy from whoever has the item I want. But first choice is this STAR SA who looks out for me.

    And I must say since I am a newbie, I am not even a very big spender. She has been patient and nice in building the relationship. It's a 2 way ball game. She responds to me and I responds to her.
  10. I have several from different stores and I try to go to my favorite first but she doesn't always have what I need. My boutique SA is also awesome but getting points from the dept stores is a big incentive since you end up with a decent gift card. I try to rotate as best as I can and if I've "abandoned" one for a while, I'll touch base and find out what she has to see if I can make any referrals for her.
  11. I always use my same SA. She is great and I find goes above and beyond for me.
  12. Thank you for bringing up this topic. I am always interested in hearing what others do! It's TOUGH! However, they do make good money and they understand the business. Don't feel bad or guilty from buying from another. I remember a while back someone posted a thread about the commission the SAs make and someone actually posted her actual experiences being a SA in the past. They do understand the business and sometimes you have to do what's needed to get the bag. Don't feel guilty!

  13. A very good thread!!!

    I only bought at my local boutique so far, and there I have now "my" SA - I bought four of my six Chanel bags with her, and the most special one was the red classic flap... I also bought most of my earrings and my first pair of ballet flats with her... when she's away on vacation or so, I have a second SA I trust.... but mostly I ask before I go the boutique if my "main" SA is there.... She's the best, so helpful and friendly!!!

    but I will try to make connections to the other Chanel boutiques, because sometimes it will/can happen that my local boutique doesn't get the bag/shoes/whatever I want and maybe an other boutique does, so it's good to have a contact/SA there
  14. It really is hard when you have a great SA to go to other stores. The one I have now at Chanel is really great, and she knows what I like and what I don't like, which is great for when they get a piece of RTW in and such. She is also really sweet, and I love talking and sharing with her. I do feel guilty when I shop elsewhere, especially if it was something I didn't see in the boutique and then find out they have it. I do most of my shopping with her now, and it's really nice to have a good connection and have them know who you are. I felt really bad buying my newest bag somewhere else; it was doubly bad when she had gotten it in early as a surprise for me. I felt sooooooooooooooooooo bad. I'll not make that mistake again, as I can't stand the guilt. It was so sweet of her to try to surprise me, and then I had to unknowingly spoil that. Lesson learned the hard way.

  15. Oh no tutu, I'm sorry but it was hit or miss situation since we all worried about 1 bag per month rule at Chanel. I'm sure your SA understand, we are near the end of feb and can't wait and hope for shipments to arrive. No more surprises she has to guarantee you in some way or the other. But don't feel that guilty, I'm sure it's easier said than done :sad: