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  1. Ok, so I don't normally post as I am typically a "lurker" :biggrin: but I had something happen to me yesterday at the outlet that I thought was strange. Maybe other's won't think it's strange; I've just never had anything like this happen to me.

    As I was looking around the store a SA came up to me:

    SA: "Did you get your bag here?" (I was carrying my Maggie in Graphite (the smaller version))

    ME: "No"

    SA: "Oh, you paid full price for it?"

    ME: "Yes, I've had it since it came out" (why I felt it necessary to tell her this I don't know....I guess because I felt like she was judging me)

    SA: "Oh, that sucks" (with a chuckle)

    ME: "Oh I am okay with it, it was the bag that I wanted"

    SA: "Oh well I guess that is all that matters" (smirking at me - wth???)

    What is the big deal?? Why would anyone (much less an SA) feel the need to walk up to someone and say that?

    **Side note: I wanted to tell her that the store never received any of the medium size maggies in graphite (I know I checked :P) and you only received the XL version.

    Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant. I love TPF!
  2. SA's at outlets are not the same caliber of retail store employees in my expierence, poor thing, she probably doesn't even realize what she did wrong
  3. i would report her! thats very rude! :s
  4. please please let someone know, there are so many things wrong with what she said! and the manager would want to know. it is simply inappropriate to inquire what price points clients paid for their coach bags
  5. Thanks for your comments - I feel better knowing that I am not crazy for thinking she was crazy!

    Kind of ruined my shopping after that. Didn't leave with a bag but I did get another camera case for my Flip Video and a pair of sunglasses :smile: (DH was there to get me something for my bday).
  6. You do not owe that Sa an explaination. That was simple extremely rude and I would told her something back..

    I buy my bags where ever I want and for the price I want and the is nobody business..

    Could you image if you would have waited for it to show up at the Outlet and it did not. Then what..
  7. Thanks - I think I will call up there but I honestly don't know what her name is unfortunately.
  8. What a strange experience! Maybe she didn't mean to sound so... smug?... about the fact that you paid FP for the bag? And what business of hers is it, anyway? At least she didn't try to determine authenticity. I've heard on here that some SAs actually acuse FP bags of being fakes... and then want to inspect the bag! Can you imagine? :confused1:

    I know what you mean in your side-note. I think most SAs don't realize how knowledgeable some Coachies are when it comes to their stock... I've routinely had them tell me things that I know to be blatantly untrue about their stock and about the way Coach works, but usually I just nod and smile (hahah, as if I don't read posts on the Coach forum religiously!). I find it especially amusing (and sometimes frustrating) when I inquire about a style and they tell me that the style is not making it to the outlet (or is still at FP)... particularly when I have the same bag on hold (in another color) at an outlet only 1 hr. away (and am picking up later-- haha, true story!).
  9. that was really rude of her. we as customers aren't lucky enough to snap up the good purses when they come off the truck like the outlet sa's can. if we really want a purse we have to buy it at fp or take our chances at the outlets. i don't think the sa's at the outlets should be walking around with bags on their arms "trying them out" while they are working either. i was told oh yeah, she does that all the time. she has to try it out for a couple of hours to get a feel for it. wtf? not while you working and especially not when that's the only one that the outlet has. that's rude. you're supposed to be working, not shopping. do that on your own time or do it in the back on your lunch or break not in front of customers. this happened to me last week at an outlet. makes me appreciate my fp sa's that much more! i'm not saying all outlet sa's are rude or inconsiderate, but some of them sure are.
  10. You might be right *CashmereFiend* that maybe she didn't mean to sound rude or smug and it just came across that way to me. Who knows, she could of been new and just asking a simple innocent question; some people just don't know or have any idea of what it can sound like to another person. Rule of thumb: Think before you speak lol.

    *thefishfamily* I saw an SA doing just that yesterday! Walking around with a poppy crossbody on. I thought it was to try and sell them although I looked around and couldn't find any of them in the store (hmmm now I know why lol).........
  11. Strange. But sadly not too surprising.

    I would have told her that I'd gladly bring in my full price receipt and she could price adjust it for me since she was so sorry that I overpaid.
  12. :roflmfao: Now that would of been the greatest response ever!!!
  13. :P;), I like the way you think
  14. I've had that happen too with my walnut Sabrina. Maybe she didn't mean it in that way intentionally. A least that's what I tell myself so I don't go off on them.
  15. Wow. Some people just shouldnt be working in stores. She is one for sure.