SAs who deserve our patronage

  1. The Chanel Forum has started one and it's a great way to know who to go to when you've got a wad of cash and are willing to suspend it.

    After all, who wants to spend money and the SAs are rude about it?

    Will start first:

    Jennipher at LV Champs Elysees. She is sweet, wonderful and full of ideas. SHe will honestly yet tactfully tell you if the bag or eyeglasses or shoes you atr trying on simply does not suit you.

  2. The LV manager at Saks in Indianapolis is wonderful. Her name is Jenny.
  3. Good thread, this was discussed before but never came into action :smile:
  4. Patricia & Den @ LV SoHo in Manhattan!
  5. I have Suzanne in Chicago she is super nice.
  6. Maria at Louis Vuitton Manchester, England...she is lovely.
  7. hmmm. there was a wonderful woman at lv rodeo who helped me twice, and i need to look for recieipts to look for her name *rustling*
    um. tera?
    i know she helped me out AND check out my bag....but hmmm....
  8. Melissa at Century City.
  9. Keisha at LV Toronto,
    fabulous gal, no attitude ever!
    LoVe her!
    : )
  10. Susanne (supervisor) and Christine (part-time) in Copenhagen are very very sweet. In Oslo I really like Terumi, she is very sweet and helpful :smile:
  11. i am a little in love with kevin in houston. i think he's a shipping manager and not an SA (john can correct me) but he is beyond helpful and ridiculously nice.
  12. From my experience most of the LV SAs are very helpful and nice, creative and friendly. From this forum it seems like that's not the case with chanel SAs. I don't really think ths thread is neccessary. I could already name ten Sas I think is worth menitoning, but I then there are those I don' t the name of that would "loose out" by doing so which wouldn't be fair.
  13. I'd add in the Chicago area: Franklyn at Saks Michigan Avenue is fantastic! The manager there is also fabulous!
  14. @ Riverside: Helena- she's new, but very sweet and eager to please. Nothing short of genuine kindness.

    The shoe manager there, I think Deanna, is very nice as well, and VERY knowledgable. She knew the history of many of the pieces, even though I've known about that type of information because of you girls, but I was impresssed. Most SA's in that area won't give you the time of day unless you fit a specific mold.
  15. Kate in Edmonton...she is a star!