SAs?? What's their salary?

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  1. Femina: It was fun working at Coach but I had to switch to a store where I didn't want to buy *everything* cause I was going broke!:biggrin: The salary was the same as other retail stores and there was no commission but we did get a good discount. They didn't have a certain outfit you had to just had to dress professionally. Most of the customers were really nice. The only thing I didn't like is when you would help a husband or boyfriend pick something out and he would be so excited only to have the wife/girlfriend return it and b*tch about him. That was sad. :sad: But most people were really fun to work with. :biggrin: I worked there about 4 years ago.
  2. i'm starting my job as an SA next week so i didn't get the chance yet to ask about discounts :smile:
    but i definitely will! something tells me i'll have a lot more bags from now on!
    i'll finally see all those limited editions in person...i'm so excited :smile:
  3. JJ, where are you going to be working? Best of luck to by the way!
  4. thanks kelly!
    i'll be working part-time for louis vuitton.
  5. Wow...:lol:
  6. my LV rep told me she can buy 4 bags per year at a 25% discount. i didn't ask about commission, but she has mentioned that it doesn't matter who i buy from in their store because they don't get a commission. i do think they still have "their" customers, though.
  7. will love working for LV. Try not to impulse buy...think what bags you will love in the future and then buy those. That is my best advice! Take advantage when you can afford!