SAs?? What's their salary?


Mar 19, 2006
The SAs of hermes and also other luxury brands, what's their salary? How do they get the job? Wish I could be a Chanel girl surrounded by beautiful clothes every minute. Do they get free stuff? SAs of hermes, do they own birkins? Very curious..........
I wonder what their staff discount is too:smile:

I know what you mean.....I have often wished that i could work at my favourite boutique here...sells Dries Van Noten,Ann Demeulemeester,AF Vandevorst,Isabel Marant, and loads more....I would LOVE to be surrounded by that beauty all the time.

But i spent 12 years becoming a pediatrician so I guess I should stick to that:biggrin: .
Is it true that if you're the SA, it's much more easier to get stuff that you want? Do they choose the bags that they want before it's sold to the customers?
Not for LV SAs.. They cannot put their name down for any new product until it is passed the 30 days since its public debut..
By then the waiting list is so long that you can forget about getting it.
One of my SAs said that they cant buy birkins, even at full price because the customer comes first. My regular SA said that they dont pay him enough to afford a birkin :lol: Which just means that he can concentrate on helping me with mine :biggrin:
i don't know. i used to be a SA when i was in college, and it wasn't at all that glamorous. it's nice to have the discounts, but i think i'd rather be on the other end of the cash register. too much kissing up to strangers for commission. what's better is to have a friend who is a SA and willing to hook you up.;)
Hm I had a friend who worked at Hermes for the holiday (ahh, what an awesome holiday job) and she got a free hermes scarf! I don't know her pay or her discount though but that's a nice perk for a temp. job!
i wonder if they're on commission too......regardless they're extremely nice and knolwedgable and go out of their way to accomodate you for the smallest purchase which is nice.......unlike LV where the service is very hit or miss (love some SA's, some are dumb as a brick and know less than i do)
Seems like SAs are just like any other salesman except that they are surrounded by luxury goods, have to be knowledgeable in the goods and provide top-class service to the customers. Even their mannerisms and way of talking have to be taken into account.

The good thing about being a SA is that they know which is the latest stuff that had arrived. Some also say it's a good opportunity to meet young, rich bachelors. Lucky for them. Will love blossom?