SA's to confront fakes

  1. Vuitton SA's are now being asked to inform people in their stores that they are carrying fakes which are illegal.

    The don't ask them to surrender them they just have to confront the person, I think I read something about it in Paris they can ask a person to surrend the item and then they destroy them.
  2. WOW. I thought they just ask people with fakes to get out from store...
  3. Why would anyone knowingly carrying a fake have the nerve to go into the store? Geez!
  4. ^ It gets better a woman went to the store with fake watch and asked them to replace the strap when they told her it was fake they couldn't do it she said she knew and just wanted a real strap :wtf:
  5. That is wrong on so many levels :wtf:
  6. You'd think they'd be embarrassed to go into LV with their fake one. Having said that, I think there *are* very convincing fake bags floating around and unfortunately it is possible to unknowingly purchase a counterfeit item if you don't know what to look out for.
  7. The nerve of some people to take a fake into the boutique. Some people have no class.
  8. so true...
    Once I saw a lady and her daughter in my LV store, both with the most fugly fake MC bags! They didn't even try to buy a MC speedy or something, the bags weren't even looking like a LV style bag :throwup:
    And the worst part was that they were really looking down on me and my real damier speedy like I didn't belong there :confused1:

    I'm glad that the SA's are allowed to say something about it now. I know I would :p
  9. Wow, I didn't think anybody would have the nerve to go into a boutique with a fake bag that is crazy. I hope the SAs tell them politely some people may blow a top. I think they should take the fake regardless it illegal!
  10. wow :nuts: hope SA her will do the same
  11. I think it's good that they can tell a person that they have a fake. But what about the person who doesn't know that they are carrying a fake and truly believe they are carrying the real thing? They would be extremely upset.
  12. Is this going to apply to SAs in the US only, or worldwide? My guess is that they'll probably confront the really obvious fakes...I mean, it's not like they're going to stand there and stare at the nitty-gritty details of a triple-A-grade fake. And most of the time the SAs will be too busy anyway!
  13. I've seen a fake Louis in the Toronto store... it was horrifying!

    I think it's a good idea for SAs to confront people carrying fakes...

  14. ^^^^^^^

    What you say is actually true, although I didn't believe it at first. My DH is from Paris and he told me that they could confiscate any LV they believed was "suspect" at the airport, whether or not it was purchased in FR or elsewhere. Then you were subject to pay a fine....the cost of the REAL LV bag you were carrying....apparently, he says there are specially trained "fraud police" that go after all types of counterfeit french products. I didn't believe him, but I do remember being heavily inspected when I left Charles de Gaulle airport ( I had alot of LV baggage and accessories....) they went over EVERY piece of LV and inspected it thoroughly. I thought at the time I was being picked on (and probably was!) and now I know why!!!!
  15. I can never come around to how some people have the nerve to carry fakes and still step into LV stores :confused1:

    I must say though, that I have some casual friends who used to own fakies but with through the years with better financial positions, have been converted to using the real thing now.