SA's & Thank You Cards

  1. I purchased some bags at the July Saks EGC event. My SA was extremely helpful and made my shopping trip even more pleasant. Well, yesterday, I went to the mailbox and I received a personalized handwritten thank you card from her that I really appreciated. Do all Chanel SA's do this?
  2. yep...I always get thankyou notes from all my SA' all deptmts.
  3. sounds like it's more of a Saks requirement instead of a Chanel requirement.
  4. i got a lovely note when i had my items shipped to me. it's just a nice touch i think! :p
  5. ITA, it really completes the whole shopping experience and it is a nice treat!
  6. I think it depends on the SA. But if they are smart they would take the 5 minutes to do this, because it may get them repeat business since they work on commission. I bought a bag in Vegas, and nothing. I bought a bag over the phone, and I got a note with the bag, and than one three days later.
  7. yup, it totally depends on the SA. Saks SAs are better than NMs' I think. I even got thank you note for buying makeup and skincare from Saks but with NM-nothing. I guess I know them well enough that they dont bother with notes anymore. But it certainly is a nice gesture when they do make an effort to show their appreciation.
  8. Yes, my lovely SA mails me thank you cards. =)
  9. spend 5 min for thank you card and you might feel bad to return it later on hehe...
  10. It depends on the sa but I have gotten thank you cards from Saks and the boutiques. Not from NM.
  11. :lol: but true!
  12. i've gotten them from the chanel boutique, saks, but never nm
  13. I got mine and I purchased it at the boutique.

  14. See they know you will bring in the celebs:wtf::supacool:....hehehe.

    It depends sometimes I do get a card, sometimes no.
    It is nice, but doesn't sway me to purchase from one SA over another.
  15. I get thank you cards from my SA in NM that I purchase shoes from and my SA at Goyard, but I don't think I ever got a card from buying a Chanel handbag. Hmmm...Maybe I should have a talk with my SA at the boutique. :p