SAs talk to me about the Ergo bags..

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  1. I saw So-Femme's Ergo bag, and I am lusting after one. When are these babies hitting the store? And will it be all stores?
  2. currently in some coach stores, the pilot ones.

    in select macy's that carries coach

    and will be out in all coach stores by april.

    since you're with valleyfair krispin, they wouldn't carry it. you can check out macy's or tell the SAs to look up on the tools of the trade, ergo, and have them put a P behind or before, i forget, the style number when looking it up in inventory so they can send you one if you want.
  3. Thanks Ms. Whitney! What about Stanford? (Although I can wait until April).

    We stopped by today to bring our favorite SAs some treats.

    The store was packed and getting quite bare!!

    My Mom found some gloves though. A beautiful apple green pair.
  4. you welcome! :smile:

    stanford isn't a pilot store; but your SA could double check w/ store inventory.

    g'luck w. your pilot bag!

    green store doesn't even have that!
  5. I purchased mine at Dillard's. There were two sizes (that I saw) and I got the smaller one. The tag reads 10766P ERG(O) SIG TOTE in khaki/mahogany and the price is $328. There was a larger one for (I believe) $428. I didn't get any other bag style numbers... there were about 6 different bags (four signature and 2 all leather with legacy stripe lining). The small Ergos have a snap/button on the front outside pocket... the larger ones had the turnlock on the outside pocket. I only saw the large all leather Ergos and they also had the turnlock on the outside. There was another style of bag but I didn't read its name and it came in small and large... There were also wristlets and two wallets. One wallet is 40455P Ergo Leather New French Purse and the mini is 40501P Ergo Leather Mini Wallet.

    I didn't even know what these bags were... Just had to have one cause its so cute!!

    Guess I should go back and learn more!
  6. Just wanted to add... The wallets are kinda cute, too. They are all leather and have a stripe of small signature right down the middle... Pretty interesting.
  7. Check Macy's. I've seen a few.