SA's pay cheque?

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  1. Anyone has any idea? Say annual pay? Just curious...:graucho:
  2. This has been discussed on previous threads. Just use the search feature and you should find something. I do not know what the salary range is for SAs. Good luck and hopefully you will find your answer.
  3. I would like to know as well, I have tried to search with no luck:cursing:
  4. Yes I am Curious too.
  5. I heard that SAs who are not managers make apx 18/hour??
  6. That's pretty good, plus if hey reach their quota's I Assume they get a large incentive.
  7. $18/hr isn't much, considering the profit that LVMH makes each year. Do they pay all of their SAs this amount across the board (meaning from state to state)? If so, $18/hr is great for an employee working in Kentucky, but not so great for one in Manhattan, when cost of living is taken into consideration.
  8. I was thinking the same thing Snorks! That doesn't seem that much when you take living expenses into consideration! I am curious to know too!
  9. I heard the same.
  10. ^^me too
  11. SA's start at 15 and go up DOE.
  12. I personaly think it's pretty good considering it is still retail sales. I'm not sure what most SA make now, but my guess would be on average $10-$12. :confused1: I worked retail sales while I was in college....:yucky:
  13. DOE = Depending On Experience?
  14. This is an interesting question that I'm curious about too. Do they work 40hr weeks at $15/$18 an hr or are they under 40 hrs a week?

    ......I think I'd take $18hr just to be around all the LV items :nuts: :drool: :P . Given my entire payck would be going to bags. :rochard:
  15. if you are full time, you are guaranteed 40hrs a week, no matter how "slow" business can be or is. if they are part time, they are guaranteed the hours they agreed to upon the job offer.

    and yes, i'd take the money just to be around all that stuff... lol.

    and yes rishin, DOE = depending on experience. its good to know when you're job hunting, and the employer doesn't state a starting salary/wage, and all it says is, "DOE". lol.