SA's on commission now

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  1. I just read that SA's are now on commission as of Feb 1 (thank you Cornishmon for this info!). I find this really interesting given an experience I just had in the store. I was thinking about purchasing the Mazarine in taupe. The SA claimed that there was only one left in the country and she wasn't sure if the store would agree to transfer it. I thought it was odd because the bag had just been available online but I wasn't able to check online while at the store due to poor cell reception. She claims to have checked from their computer and it wasn't available online. Sure enough, when I got back to my office there it was available online. I suppose it's possible that it became available in the 15 minutes it took me to get back to my office but highly doubtful. She later left me a message and said she was able to order the bag from the warehouse and that it would be there Friday. So odd and the irony is that I will probably only order online so that I don't have to deal with the heavy sell in store.

  2. Why would you want to buy it online if you know the person who was actually helping you is working on commission and makes the living that way (unless they provided you a poor service)? Plus when you pick up the bag at the store you can actually check what you are buying.

  3. If I had a consistent SA that I liked and trusted, I would happily purchase from them and give them the commission. My problem in this case was that the SA appears to have outright lied in order to get the commission. Also, I fear that they will be pushier now and I just don't want to deal with that when I walk into the store. All of that said, I totally get where you're coming from and agree that under normal circumstances, a helpful SA deserves the commission and I can appreciate that they have worked hard to earn it.
  4. I guess if you really do not have a regular SA you would feel this way. I have had my SA for four years now who knows me and is an honest trustworthy young lady. Not to mention there are perks to having a relationship with store SA's. I know I mentioned that this commission thing is a tad bit of an inconvenience for me and that still stands. But I will not order online and hurt the SA that has been there for me whenever I wanted anything.

    I do understand how you are feeling by the pressure but that happens anywhere in retail where they work on commission which are most retail shops. Yes of course unless we order everything online. May I suggest maybe trying to develop a relationship with an SA that will not be so pushy or dishonest. I believe they are out there. In essence they have always had a quota to fill monthly any way.
  5. This is interesting- now I know why I finally received an email response from an SA I bought something from, 7 months later!!!! Lol. I inquired about an new purse and wallet and if she had one in stock made in France ($3k sale) 7 months ago, and just got an email response 2 days ago. She didn't even attempt an apology for the late response, she just completely disregarded and glossed over the fact that I asked 7 months ago and said in her response email "I'll let you know if I get one in as they are hard to come by." I responded, trying not to be rude, by saying since I didn't hear back from her, I bought the items as well other things from another SA, therefore I was no longer interested in the purse or wallet. I did comment at the end that I was a little shocked to get a response 7 months later. Maybe since LV is now commission based she finally has the time to respond to my $3k inquiry. Lol. I have since found another SA in another province while on vacation, and she is absolutely wonderful from day one, way before the introduction of commission- it costs me more to ship it from her (I could buy online and ship free) but her personal touch makes it worth it for me, so I always order from her. I am glad she can now make commission from my purchases!
  6. Huh, this is interesting! I actually welcome this - LV has amongst the worst customer service of any of the luxury brands I've encountered IMO so hopefully this might help to improve things.
  7. When my SA told me about this, she actually feels quite sad. There's competition amongst the SAs now, and thus they have to be careful not to step on others' toes (snatch other's customers).

    On the other hand, I do notice that new customers are served more readily when they enter the store, usually tourists.
  8. Oh, this will be a bit awkward now.
    I worked with a whole team before. I don't know who I'd go to now.
  9. I think they had a bonus before when they sold in the millions of dollars. I guess this will drive them to keep a good customer relationship. With that being said, none of the SAs have contacted me. I tend to research on my own and walk in store to buy.
  10. I mentioned before in an older post that LV Yelp reviews in SF are not positive, so I certainly hope that working on commission will incentivize them to give customers a positive experience. If I remember correctly, many stores do something similar already, such as Nordstrom and Tiffanys, but I would expect SAs to already provide a top-notch service to begin with. The commission should feel like a bonus for doing a great job!
  11. I feel that the US LV SA service is sometimes a bit lethargic, particularly in the very busy store that I visit. I've been fortunate that I've been able to make most of my purchases in the last few years in different countries in the EU. The service in Europe is generally much nicer, e.g, I've been offered champagne during every visit (I finally asked about this in the US and they said it has to do with US mall rules). I will say the champagne makes it easier to bring out your wallet:smile: I think the commission is a good things all around, we hopefully get better, more engaged service and the more engaged associates are rewarded financially.
  12. If this is so then I'm glad because my new SA is wonderful. She didn't try to up sell me when I was at the store 2 wks ago and instead just answered a lot of questions and let me try on many bags. Then again, my local store has always had great service and this will even make it better.