SAs: old one in Paris or try new one in HK?

  1. Hi everybody, delurk here. TPF is frightfully addictive! And I love the Hermes threads.

    I bought my first Birkin back in June - it came to me rather unexpectedly. I went with a friend living in France to the main shop in Paris - my friend is a VIP with a regular SA. She bought two bags, a JPG Birkin and a Victoria. She showed my friend the list of bags that came in that day and I, looking over her shoulder, said, "oh, there's a 30cm Birkin!" The SA turned to me and asked, "would you like to try it?" I said yes, just intending to look. But it was gorgeous - Havanne in Swift with Palladium hardware. So of course I bought it. I go to Paris once a year but I live in Hong Kong. I went to one of the HK shops on Saturday, hoping to buy something for my birthday (next week!). The SA was rather unfriendly at first but when I showed some knowledge (thanks to you ladies!) she became friendlier and asked me what I wanted. I asked for a Kelly in either black or rouge. She said she'd call. Anyway, it's not easy to cultivate a relationship with a SA in HK - there are so many wealthy ladies who can buy a lot more. Should I try to work with a SA here or go back to Paris and buy from that lovely SA who sold me my Birkin? It's going to take ages before the SA here offers me a Birkin. And I'd like to thank the SA in Paris by buying more bags there. But I'd probably be able to get more bags here - rather than one (or two) I can get on each visit to Paris.
    What to do? Any other HK ladies with insight?
  2. i say stick to paris if you visit regularly. as far as i know asia is the hardest to get bags (at least the coveted duo)
  3. Prices are way cheaper in Paris, too. Plus, it's easier to get exactly what you want there. It's harder to get any bag outside of Paris. Another plus is that they sound nicer to you there.

    So another vote with sticking to Paris.
  4. I agree with the ladies. Stick to the SA in Paris since you go there every year. More stuff to buy as well at FSH.
  5. Yep, stick to Paris. You'll find the best collection there. Good luck with your next bag! :tup:
  6. Stick to Paris.... it serves as a nice "excuse" to go back there at least once a year! :tup:
  7. Hi Ladies, thanks for the responses. Even as I typed the OP I kind of figured it would be best to stick to shopping in Paris. It IS so much cheaper there - and I already have a relationship (of sorts) with a nice SA. So I guess I'll be buying quite a lot once a year rather than spreading the purchases over the year - now that's a scary thought! :wtf:
  8. totally agree...:tup:
  9. Paris. And stay in touch with your SA there.
  10. Not easy since I only go to Paris once a year. But I'll have my friend - the one who made the introduction - to say the next time she's shopping at Hermes how much "April just LOVES the Birkin" and that I'm completely hooked. Which is true! (and you Ladies fuel my obsession!)
  11. I'm in the same boat. I go at most, once a year. But I send little notes every so often just so they don't forget who I am...what's tough is if the SA leaves, then you have to start from scratch....
  12. Well, I really should have sent her a thank you note after I got back to Hong Kong. Do you think it would be out of place to send a picture of me with the bag and a note saying how much I'm enjoying it? That way she'd remember what I look like and there would be a "name to the face" - right now, she only knows of me as Mrs X's friend.