SA's LV scoop...

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  1. I spoke to my SA, who just went for a training course in New York (God, please let me get a job at LV sometime in my life), and she was saying how everything was going to be bigger. More hobos, everything just BIG.

    I saw the Mahina, and that thing is could fit a small child in there, it seems! So my question is are we all for LV going bigger and perhaps more unstructured? Personally, I'm not sure if I like that idea...the show bags from the Fall show were still an okay size, I thought....but IMO the Mahina's a bit too large for my taste.

    In addition, she said that the newer bags with handles will all be made longer (similar to the trevi handles style) so that it can sit comfortably in the crook of the arm, and a bit easier on the shoulders so for those of us yearning for a lil extra comfort from LV this is good news!

    That's about all the scoop I've got for now - I'll be heading back to the store sometime this week though...I forgot to ask her about how to take care of the damier chocolate leather - I'm afraid I'll scuff or scratch it. :wtf: Any suggestions?

    (Sidenote: Yesterday I got white paint on my 2 day old trevi -I think from bumping it on a wall w/ dry paint - luckily it came right off with a wet towel!)
  2. thanks for the scoop. im not a fan of the big unstructured bags either, my sagging speedy is the most a can handle, lol.
    im pleased they are going to make longer handles though. i would love my speedy even more if it would fit on my shoulder.
  3. ^ Same. My speedy is the most unstructured i can tolerate. but im really excited about the longer handles. i love bags that are both hand held and shoulder
  4. thanks for the scoop, and glad your trevi made it!
  5. I think a lot of us here will be glad to hear the news on the longer handles. :tup:

    Thanks for the scoop btw. ;)
  6. I'm definitely not a fan of nonstructured bags...speedy is the most I can handle.
  7. :wtf:i don't think i can go much bigger than a speedy 30...
  8. thanks for the scoop ... it'll be interesting to see the new ones they come up with!
  9. Thanks for the news!
  10. Not a fan of unstructured bags either. However, there are plenty of structured bags from the permanent line which I have my eye on...
  11. Thanks for the scoop, but I'm not sure about the huge bags! :s
  12. longer handles! so exciting. thanks for the insider info. and good to hear your trevi survided the white paint! i would have had a mini panic if that happened to my new bag, even if it came off easily.
  13. I love big bags so that is good news :woohoo:
  14. Thanks for the Info!
    I like big bags but i don't like them HUGE , owell i suppose we will just have to wait and see!
  15. Thanks for the insider scoop! I'm happy to hear about the handles being made longer and more comfortable. Since I love toting around LVs for casual use, this makes life so much easier!