SA's love to sell tableware??

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    Hello all, I am thinking about investing in a service for 12 of the mosaique au 24 in platinum. The question that I have is... (speaking in general of course). Will the SA's be excited to sell this? I see a huge selection on the website but I definitely want the sale to be linked to a boutique for the B & K benefits.

    I know some things in the store such as RTW (they really push) and if you do buy you are quickly regarded as a good customer. So does anyone know how tableware purchases rate?

    I have 2 SA's that I work with. 1 in US and 1 here in Canada. My "real" SA is spectacular and has offered me SO's and countless other things that amazed me. He bends over backwards for me and I love him. He is in the US though which makes it a little difficult to get a dozen plates and such from.

    So should i just get them here in Canada?
    Or is a purchase that big better off given to my favourite SA? (Around 30k) Even though its a bit of an inconvenience.

    Sorry so long
  2. AFAIK, purchases in the US are not connected to your purchases in Canada and vice versa. Just as European purchases are not linked to those in North America.

    So you may want to factor that into your decision.
  3. I love my SA in Paris, so for me, I don't mind the inconvenience and extra expense (duty fees, shipping, etc.) of purchasing my china from him. When I purchase individual pieces from my US SA, I feel guilty like I'm cheating, so I'd rather wait to buy from my French SA.
  4. For that amount, could you split them between the 2 SAs? Gets you 'points' with both.

  5. Never thought of that!! Thanks!! A fab idea
  6. yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssss
    just tell them you need HALF the amount to each and that way you get brownie points for both :33!
  7. +1

    This way you don't snub your spectacular SA and you can build up a history with your local store. Win-win!
  8. I have a silly question, what do you mean by "B & K benefits" :shame:
  9. Most local boutique that do not cater to tourists want to see brand loyalty before they offer a customer a Birkin, a Kelly, or another coveted item. Each store is different on what they like to see the customer buy, but tableware/ home ware is always a good item to build brand loyalty towards being offered something special. It's a way for Hermes to move their other merchandise that maybe doesn't sell itself like the leather goods do.

  10. +2:d