SA's Is there a cycle of new releases?

  1. The 65th Legacy is a 2006 release with exception to new colors, then new Soho's appeared, new Hampton's and then Hampton's weekend, Ergos's . . . Is there a cycle of when certain lines are released?
  2. Coach comes out with new product every 4-6 weeks...
  3. Soho and Hamptons get made over twice a year, once in spring and once in fall. Hamptons Weekend has also come out twice a year for the past two, once in spring and once in fall.
  4. ditto with sprinkles

    that seems to be correct, although i must say that now we have monthly floorsets the styles stay same but colors change, as you can see pear will be introduced to soho and for hampton's its the sand and light blue color (already out) and the new red is being taken off the floor

    :smile: i love visuals so i'm glad there's a monthly update now, makes sense when you think about how fast fashion moves...
  5. Hello. Could you please tell me if the Soho has already been "updated" or when it is expected to be? I am getting ready to make a purchase, but will hold off if a new release is about to come. Thanks!:smile:
  6. excited for new things.

    wondering: will COACH make any large bags out of the hot pink signature w/white leather trim pattern the hamptons wristlet/wallet/mini skinny have?

  7. ^^Thats exactly what I would like to know!

    I don't really like the Hip Bag but I guess I'll have to get it if its the only bag thats going to come in pink signature..
  8. Addictedtocoach: I love your avatar! Is that on now? I'm off to check! If not what's the style number??!! I have that in the legacy stripe and I love it! That is so dang adorable!
  9. ^^ I want to know too! How cute is that? I found it in the website as part of this: Coach - LIMITED EDITION STRAW BASKET
    Sure hope it's going to be available on its own...cuz jeez, $1600! I know, I know, it's a bunch of stuff..but c'mon now! :confused1:
    ETA: Just poked around tPF and answered my own question! Jeez I'm good.:p
  10. Just found another thread with this info. It is number 40518, $128 and available in April! :yahoo: It is too darn cute! I love my legacy one. I may have to splurge on this one if I can get my hands on it!
  11. I love that pink too! I ordered the hip bag and hope it's cute. I'm going to wear it like a swing pack though...I can't do the hip thing :smile:
  12. i have that one! it's SO cute- i love it more than my sig stripe punch one!