1. I'm new to the area and don't really know where the store is here. Calling out to the Seattle-ites. How are the associates here? Should I go to anyone in particular? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hmm.. maybe you'll have better luck in the shopping forum, anyone ?
  3. I've been there a few times. They are all quite sweet esp this one gentleman, he is the operations manager there. But I think he told me that he's not always on the floor. Compared to some of the SAs Ive met in Vancouver, they are definately better.
  4. Welcome to the Great Northwest! If you haven't found it...the LV boutique in Seattle is at:

    416 University St
    Seattle, WA 98101
    (206) 749-0711

    I admit I do so much shopping through elux (to save sales tax) but going to the boutique is so much fun too. It's been awhile, but Dean, the leather goods Manager is a sweetheart and was so incredibly helpful to me and another tPF'er the last time I made some purchases (zippy wallet for me and tie for -now ex- BF)!!

    Everyone has been super nice, though...enjoy!!
  5. I have always had great experience with Louie and Jen.They are the best. I have been invited to all the special events and also received advance notices of new bags or be placed on waitlists.:tup:
  6. Thank you SO much!
  7. Another vote for Dean here, he is great. Also I worked with Camille today -- she found me an accordeon wallet chain in the spare parts stock in the storeroom, something several other SAs in San Francisco never managed to do after asking several times. One Union Square SA actually told me she'd have to special order it from Paris. Right.