SA's in LA and in NYC

  1. Hi Everyone-this is my first post and I'm excited to be a new member of the community! I've been lurking for awhile just to get my feet wet and to learn about Hermes so that I can sound intelligent in my postings...anyway I have been DREAMING about a 28 kelly
    (in bleu jean- but also considering other colors if they speak to me at the time) and
    have been on the hunt for about 3-4 months. I go to the Bev Hills and SCP stores about once every 2 weeks and still haven't found one.

    That's ok- i know it may take many months to find the perfect bag! It just bothers me that even though i've been so often and see the same SA's and introduce myself each time-it's like they don't even care to remember me and they're also not particularly helpful at all. I always ask reasonably informed questions and am very enthusastic but i have no RELATIONSHIP with any of them-it's so strange. I've bonded with SA's at other stores on Rodeo (prada, chanel ) regardless of whether i've made purchases or not. Any ideas on a new approach or SA's i should ask for? Talking with SA's is half the fun!:smile:

    I'm going to NYC next week for a conference and plan get off the plane and head right to Wall Street early and then Madison and then go to my conference! Any good SA's i can look out for? thanks!
  2. Hi Darcy, to be honest with you, I think ALL the SAs at Wall Street are lovely and will provide you with a vastly more pleasant experience than you have been used to.
    Madison is a different story, not that they aren't nice there but they are SO busy and hectic that they really don't have the time to chat mot of the time--especially at this time of year. It's a crapshoot whether you will even get a 'regular' employee on the main floor there right now since they have all their seasonal help in.
    That all being said, I think that you may very well be able to find your 28cm Kelly while you're here in our fair city, especially if you are one of the first in the doors! I would also recommend stopping into either or both of the boutiques several times during your visit if at all possible, to increase your chances. (And buying a scarf or two or some perfume or a bracelet couldn't hurt either)
    Good luck on your quest!
  3. That's really interesting CynthiaNYC....I think I'll be doing the same next week-end. I usually buy from my local H Boutique, but I'd really like to bond with at least one SA in NYC.
  4. Dear CynthiaNYC,
    THank you so much! I can't wait to be in New York and to meet the lovely SA's at Wall Street (my FIRST stop)-i'll let you know how it went!
  5. Darcy, I worked with Linda at the Wall Street store and she was absolutely lovely.
  6. Lisa From Wall Street
    Andrea Or Lisa Is Very Nice From Madison.