SA's don't seem knowledgeable


Jan 16, 2006
San Diego
I'm not trying to bash a particular person or store but there is a dept store in the city where I live which is the only retailer that carries Balenciaga bags. I was there yesterday and asked the SA about a brown bag I'd seen a week or two ago which was apparently sold. I was curious as to the color name. She told me she would look it up on the computer. She then told me it was Castagne and that was the only brown color that Balenciga makes. This doesn't seem consistent with what I see on this forum.

she also told me the bag I was asking about was from a few years back. I find it amazing that bags that never get reduced can be in store inventory for years before they are sold. Is this because Balenciaga restricts the retailer from selling them at a reduced price?


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
A Yank in SoCAL
Sadly, there are quite a few S/A's that don't really know the Balenciaga line very well and since Balenciaga does change things up quite a bit from Year/Season, it can be rather confusing to those that don't deal with the brand exclusively.

As far as the Castagna, she is right in that it was a prior Year/Season color (F/W 2010); it is not the only brown that Balenciaga has ever done however. As far as the price .. yes, Balenciaga is very strict on any markdowns/reductions in the price, especially for the "motorcycle" line. I've been told by friends of mine who work in retail that if Balenciaga finds out that the store has reduced the price on the "Moto" bags, they will refuse to allow you to sell the line in the future!! Mind you, I think that also depends on the store and how much they typically sell .. but that does seem to be the general 'rule'.

Hope that helped ...


Jan 4, 2012
It's kind of refreshing that Balenciaga is so strict and on top of their game when it comes to that sort of thing. It may be a pain for retailers, but it shows quite a commitment to their products.