SA's don't know the products?

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  1. I just called an outlet to see what Amanda and Madison accessories they had in the store and asked about the Amanda line first. I was told that they didn't have anything from the Amanda line so I asked about the Madison accessories. I was told that they had the wristlets in green, blue and pink. So I said "Oh, The Madison wristlets came in green and blue?" She responded with "Yes they do." and I said "Are you sure you're talking about the MADISON accessories?" She assured me that she was. Don't you think it's just a teeny bit important for the SA's to actually know about the products they're required to sell? :confused1:
  2. Trust me, its not the first I've heard of this happening. I was at the outlet with my mom like 2 weeks ago and she bought a bag for her MIL and asked if they could wrap it up nicely...well, the girl just stood there and said "I would but I don't know how". Ok, honest answer. But she just proceeded to ring my mom up without saying she'd get someone else to do it...I had to ask and she begrudgingly said she would have someone do it but at that point my mom asked her to include the paper and she would do it herself at home. My point is, I think when coach hires someone they should have some kind of tutorial or something on their products and basic movements of service like how to wrap up an item! Not rocket science.:shrugs:
  3. No, they don't. They only go by style numbers that they look up. If I were an SA, I'd learn the names and keep learning as the styles change. Since I don't work for Coach, I have "slacked", I'll have to admit I probably don't know a Madison from an Amanda now. Since the "old legacy" bags sold out I haven't had much interest anymore, they're what I like.
  4. it amazes (and frustrates me to the ends of the earth) when I try to ask a SA anything. In my personal experience, they NEVER seem to know what I'm talking about. And, what make me even more upset, is that they look at me like I'm making stuff up. Just infuriating. I think they should at least know the names of the products they are selling!
  5. I just had this looong post put together... and the dell ate it. (maybe I should stop buying purses and get another mac...) So to start over, I can understand in person it's tough to not look dumb, but over the phone they could at least put you on hold like they are checking stock and ask someone who has been there longer. I work in a call center for my company but when I do OT in the stores, we're not allowed to answer questions pertaining to the store unless we're absolutely sure. Some stores don't want you to answer any questions.
  6. i totally know what you are talking about. I had my boyfriend go to an outlet asking about the ergo convertibles since so many of you guys got them and the SA was like, "is she looking at it online?" I was thinking, HELLO! it's obviously not on the coach site cause it was from the previous season and that's why im asking if it's at your store >:/ oh wells, i ended up finding it myself at an outlet :smile:
  7. Exactly! If you don't know the products fine, but don't look at me like I have four heads when I know more about your place of employment then you do. This even happened today when I went to the outlet. I had to repeat myself and then it took the SA a few minutes to know what I was talking about. She proceeded to still call it by the wrong name and then had to ask somebody about it. One the phone it made me so mad that even when I told her the Madison accessories weren't made in those colors she insisted that they were.
  8. I have run into that before and it's really frustrating.
  9. trust me i've seen this at my boutique so many times. one example.. when the julianne in parchment first came out i called and asked about it. the SA asked me back if i meant the purple. :huh:
  10. This happens all the time and I know for a fact that the SAs at my outlet giving false information have worked there for a long time. They are very sweet and helpful but I don't know where they're getting their information from. The worst is when I overhear them talking to someone else and I don't know whether I should correct them or just let it be.
  11. I called one of the outlets I go to and asked if they had any Lindsays in stock and the girl on the phone said, "Lindsay? Whats that? A bag?" lol I was like yes a bag. So she asked for the style number which I didn't have at the time so she asked one of the other SAs if they had them and of course they did. So sad.....
  12. I called once looking for a heritage stripe tote and the SA said no we do not have them, and then I was like what about the tattersall? And he was like NOPE. So I have my friend call back a few minutes later (because she was the one that was gonna make the trip), and of course they did have tattersall. I was like what the world?
  13. There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to the new product lines, and some of the SAs are not as knowledgeable as they should be.
    If you can find one really knowledgeable SA at your outlet or boutique that keeps up with the product lines they can answer your questions.

    Not every SA is as up on the product lines as we Coachies are since some are new SAs but IMO they should have to be required to learn all of the current product lines and available colors that they come in at the very least.
    If you are a waitress you are required to learn all of the menu items before you start serving. Coach should be the same.

    I refer to whatever I want by the style name and follow up using the style number for absolute certainty when calling to see if an item is at the outlet. Sadly sometimes even using both name and style numbers the person answering the phone still cant answer you correctly.
  14. Many Coach SA's are part time employees only work a couple days a month and forget or don't keep up. Or they might be new. I'm sure working at an outlet is a little over whelming because different product flows in and out so often. I think some of you are a little too harsh. Can you remember your first week of working some where new?
  15. I used to work for Coach (when they would put me on the schedule) and saw first hand that they do teach the SA's how to wrap up your bag and accessories. A lot of the SA's just don't take the time out to learn the new products that come in or like peacocky said they only work a few times a month or once a week so it is hard to keep up with different products that come in and out of the stores.

    I will say that I did look on the site the night before I would work and study the products so I could remember the names.