SA's at the outlet aren't allow to tell you prices over the phone?

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  1. So I called up my local Coach outlet and wanted to see if the Madeline is there which it is but she stated she couldnt tell me the price over the phone. Has this happen to anyone else? I was going to purchase the sig Madeline over the phone at Dillard's but wanted to try it on first just in case I didn't like it because the shipping is $$$.:confused1:
  2. No, I've totally had them give me the price over the phone - try another outlet. At Vacaville, they'll even do a sale over the phone and hold the purchases for you up to 2 weeks!
  3. I have never had that happen. I would call back and say you want to check the current sale price on style No. XXXXX (giving the Madeline #) and see if it works better that way. Maybe you got an SA in a bad mood. Tacky.
  4. Sorry to hear that, you prob. just had a mean SA, i call my local outlet n boutique all the time for prices, and i always have them tell me the % of the bags and the styles that are on sale , just call another outlet or wait a couple of hours and call the same outlet back hopfully the same sa wont answer!! good luck
  5. The med sig. maddeline is 279 plus 20% off... it's a better deal at Dillard's if you can find one!
  6. :wtf: NO, I've never had that happen before. I've called for prices before and they've always looked it up for me, no questions/problems !!!
  7. iv called 2 outlets and recieved the price no problem
  8. That's weird... they've always told me the price. If they don't know right off they even take the time to find out.
  9. Sounds like your SA was being lazy. I call and ask what they have and how much LOL. They probably hate my calls haha.

    I'm like SUPER impressed with dillards. I think I'm going to wait for their sale more often. I really wish I would have known the sig stripe floral totes would be there! I want one and for $125 that's not bad!
  10. Odd...I never had that problem before.
  11. no way man!!! i'd be raising h*ll !! I always get prices over the phone BEFORE i go...that way I know if it is even worth the trip...that's not right
  12. With the price of gas, that is ridic.
  13. they have always given me the price on the phone sometimes even without asking, but gas is coming down so i dont really mind driving down there anymore. i payed $3.46/gal at costco the other day(i have no idea why im including thaT)
  14. The SAs are always very nice and will check the price for me and even tell me what kind of discount they are offering right now.
  15. They always tell me the price over the phone.