SAs at LV are nicer when they see my PRADA!

  1. Ok Im an LV fan too but if I were to choose between LV and Prada, Prada's my first choice. Although LV is what I can afford for now. Anyway, Ive always gone in and out the LV store for years and while Im a regular customer, the SAs remain snobbish even when they see me carrying an LV. I noticed that when I carry my Prada, they seem to be more amiable and nice to me. Its not plain coincidence because its happened all the time when I use any of my Pradas. I wonder why? :confused1:
  2. Probably they realized LV is not your only preference. They had better be nice to you, otherwise you will turn to another brand name store. LOL.
  3. i experienced that too recently! everyone in the boutique was nice to me. some SAs didnt really recognize it was prada but they kinda know it was some designers maybe for its craftmanship (IMO..=p)

    even the store manager come up to me and said "nice Prada!"

    i hav to agree with HandbagAngel, sometime the SA think that we are not really a designer fan but more like an LV fan coz everyone seems to want to own a piece of the brand. a walk in the store wearing other label will some how change the way they look up to u.and not that i care how they feel towards me anyway (IMO really!)
  4. Well it could be because you have a hott prada bag.
  5. From what I hear of the SAs at LV, one of their essential job functions must read:

    "Treat all customers like crap until it's obvious they are buying something."

    I'm always hearing of complaints about the SAs at LV stores. I rarely even go into the LV in Charlotte myself, but during our last two tPF meetings, some of the group wanted to go in, so I went in with them. OK, now here's a group of women with Prada, Hermes and Chanel hanging off them, as well as LV. I don't think ONE of those SAs smiled!!!

    On the one occasion I went into LV on my own, I had my ivory Epi Alma with me. I wanted to see what the shoulder strap looked like with it, so obviously I wasn't taking one of my Pradas. I think it was actually the manager that waited on me, but he was very friendly, helpful and personable, especially when I zeroed in on that one pair of $525 sunnies! Didn't buy a thing though, but I remember being suprised that I was treated nicely based on my other two trips into the store.

    I don't get that really. LV is at the bottom of the designer rung for me. I like my Alma, but for the most part, I think LV is over-rated and over-priced. Give me Prada, Gucci and Chanel over LV any day.
  6. Generally, I hate when the SA treats you well,because you have a designer bag or a designer clothing/itemon you. Ok,you have to look descent but not neccesary with a designer look. It depends on the day or which LV store you go. For example, here in Toronto (bloor St.) first enterance floor SAs kind of the way you describe but the second floor (mostly shoes and clothes but still bags) are more friendly. In Boston's LV,SAs are not unfriendly but not friendly too.
    But in general if you aren't frequent buyer of LV (maybe a bag for every 2 months-maybe little longer or shorter) you might get a good treatment all the time.
    Since this is Prada/Miu miu forum->I went to Prada store (Toronto) with my LV and the SA didn't treat me good actually I could say she was unfriendly
    and I looked at a clutch and that was it.
  7. We're on the same boat! :graucho:Those brands are on top of my list too! :tup:
  8. You are right Prada Psycho on all counts. I was actually shokced that day when we all went into LV and they were so rude. I usually find the LV SA's everywhere to be rude, but especially in Charlotte. Silly me, I figured that day with all of us coming into the store carrying hot designer bags they would recognize that we were into designer purses and at least be somewhat nice.

    And I too feel LV is the bottom of the designer rung for me. I do have some LV bags that I enjoy, but my heart lies with Hermes and Chanel..although I'm developing a love for Bottega as well.
  9. SAs' attitude need to be changed!! I could be carrying a cheap bag but that doesn't mean I can't afford the stuff. There are just times when I simply feel like carrying a cheap but chic sling floral bag... and walk into these high end boutiques (evil grin)
  10. I have had some terrible times with LV SAs. I was in LV a few months ago and wanted to try on a pair of light purple patent pumps ( i do not remember the name) It took forever to get the attention of one SA, and when i finally did i asked for them in a 35.5 or 36. When she returned she had a pair of white pumps in size 37, which is way too big, she said "this is all we have, try them on" in a very rude tone. Dropped them on the floor and walked away. It was the rudest experience i had ever had. I was in shock. I was dressed perfectly, and had my brand new burberry manor. I instantly left. I was really disapointed, and really wonted the shoes, but ws too angry at the service
  11. ^ohh,that's sounds bad experience

  12. Ohhhh, I would have def complained to a manager!!!!
  13. I often wonder if its LV's mission statement to be rude to all customers! Maybe they should hire an in-house therapist to keep them grounded!
  14. LV SAs are the worst. i just want to know why do they treat customers that way? last time i went the SAs were actually chatting and no one even offered any help i got so mad and left.
  15. Interesting.. I will try this experiment on Saturday! I will be carrying my Prada Cervo shopper while doing the designer shops... including Prada, Chanel, Gucci and LV!!
    I will let you know how it goes!