SAs are Evil!!!

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  1. So I was totally ready to just kick back and do nothing on Memorial Day - DH had to work - when the phone suddenly rings and I stupidly pick it up. It was the SA from Nordstroms telling me she just got a chocolate brown paddy in. I tell her thanks but I'm trying to be good. So I console myself by taking myself out to lunch, having a glass of Chardonnay and walking right into Nordstroms "just to take a look". Right.
    Here she is:

    choco paddy.jpg

    I am so dead. She's in her little bag, hiding in the closet with the Mousse!
  2. Oh Wow! Good Looking PadDy!

    SA's are evil in that sense, but they are awesome at the same time!
  3. Oh MY :P:nuts:
    What a GORGEOUS Chocolate Zippy Paddington! :yes: :heart: :P

    Blame it on your SA. After all she has children to feed and clothe.
  4. Beautiful chocolate paddy! Congrats! =)
  5. Don't hide it!
  6. Bagnshoo, she's gorgeous! There's just something about the choco. :love:
  7. Wow...soo beautiful! Love the chocolate, I don't blame you for not being able to resist it. I love the zippy paddy!
  8. Oh that is so gorgeous! I wouldn't have been able to resist either. Congrats!
  9. :love: :heart: Holy Crap! :heart: :love: Don't keep choco Zippy zipped up in the dustbag. There is something about a choco Paddy in any style. Every Paddington collector must have one.
  10. OMG! The choco and mousse are just too pretty to stay hidden in the closet! Bring those ladies out- they are gorgeous! Congratulations!
  11. she's goreous! must take her out!
  12. Yes, second that...She's really gorgeous!!
  13. I dont live too close to any great boutiques, so I deal with sa's via phone. I work with the same ones so i have been lucky.
  14. I love love love the chocolate! I think that's my next color, if something else doesn't turn me! Congrats!!!!
  15. LOL... she is gorgeous though!!! You must take her out for a walk! Congrats!