SA's annual pay, anyone??

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  1. My shopping sprees to Chanel are more than often upsetted by poor+snotty services that it makes me think reeeeeeally seriously this time round on how stupid I am to even be supporting this brand and yet keeping quiet on getting treated this way!
    I travel from state to state for work within Australia and I must say, it doesn't matter which Chanel you go to, Melbourne or Sydney, they both suck!
    Sorry about this ranting but I really gotta get it off my chest!!!My partner feels the same each time and can't wait for the day I stop supporting this brand. He uses the terms like " torture" each time I think about whether I should go into Chanel.Hmmm, there's this PMS girl and French guy (bloody arrogant!) in particular. Ms PMS is really the only one person you want to see on earth at any point in time if you want rain & lightning in your sunshine! Any question you ask and any help you need would be greeted with the most sullen face and most unhelpful replies. Why bother to even work????
    And that French guy: What a pain! He's so up himself that I have never heard him greet anyone that comes in not to even mention hearing him badmouthing other top designer labels that SERVES waaaaay better than him. Period. I was in Chanel Sydney the other day and he was trying to talk me into buying another colour bag instead of black, calling black "like going to funeral..." BTW, he was wearing a black suit and we were surrounded by black Chanel bags! My bestie who was with me at that time looked at him in disbelief; well, we proceeded to walk out together absolutely speechless while he didn't even bat an eyelid.
    I make a hefty annual income and am also counting down the days I call it quits with Chanel. Unfortunately Chanel in Australia is not a big enough market (there's only 2 boutiques, Melbourne and Sydney) so if you want to purchase Chanel goods, there's no choice at all, unless it's on ebay...It's a very sad experience for me. And I can't help thinking these SAs must be making hell of a lot of money to exude such appalling attitude and rudeness. Anyone out there knows how much these SAs are really getting?? AUD$80 000?? More than that??
  2. I dont think they are getting paid all that much. They are sales clerks. They most likely make more then minimum wage and not more then $15/hr IMO. I could be wrong. I doubt they went through college thinking " I want to work as a chanel sales clerk after I spend these four years getting a degree" Most of them do it on the side for the discount, others work full time because they are bored, at home parents etc etc. Interesting question though, but it pretty much falles into the customer service category and i dont know anyone whos a customer rep who makes 80k....they make between 8$-15$ an any comission so im assuming chanel sales clerks get paid the same.
  3. I'm sorry to hear that.:sad:
    My experience has not been bad at all. I go into Chanel Sydney about once a month.
    My SA is very helpful and nice. I think you may have got an SA that might be PMS. As for the Frenchman i haven't talk to him before.
    The SAs at Chanel definitely do not get paid that amount. My SA only does it as a part time job, while she studies.
    It's sad that you spend so much and not receive the best customer service, especially for an upmarket boutique.
    Probably best you write a letter to head office and express your unhappiness. Don't take it out on these beautiful bags, it's the people behind it. It only take one bad apple/hmm or two, to make you feel like going elsewhere.
  4. Gosh, I'm sorry so many of our ladies have been having such horrible experiences with SAs these past few days. I don't know if it's the holidays that bringing on the additional stress and pressure but there have been a lot of incidents even in our store lately. But that goes hand in hand with customers that just act very nasty to SAs.

    Sales make their living off commission so I don't understand how they can treat their customers poorly. I cannot speak for the SAs in Chanel but the ones in Neiman Marcus (department store in the US that also carries Chanel and other high-end designers) works solely on commission.

    Now referring to the comments regarding the minimum wage, even the stock girl at Neiman Marcus makes around $15/hr. There are very successful sales in NM that make over $100G annual income (and we are not just talking about in handbags.) So, yes, there are customer reps who make well over $80K a year; that's not an unusual number.
  5. so there are sales associates on the floor who make over 100k a year? wow, thats surprising. I guess I should drop out of law school, Im in the wrong profession LOL

  6. Yep, there are. Before I started working in retail, I knew there were big shots sales associates but I didn't know it was to that level. So I see how it can be surprising. Personal shopping and Couture are 2 great examples. Those people have their own personal assistants that the company pays for. :yes: :smile:
  7. i'm so sorry to hear about your experiences at the Sydney boutique :sad: i don't know if it's the same french guy, but the french guy i have spoken to on the phone and who has greeted and helped me is so nice and sweet that i'm actually a bit taken with him :love:

    there is also a really really intimidating woman there who had quite a reputation with the girls on vogue. i had to do breathing exercises before going into the store to get my bag authenticated, i was sooo nervous! :roflmfao:

    surprisingly enough when i had my bag authenticated she was really really nice to me. she was cold at first and almost bit my head off when i was first enquiring over the phone. i left my bag with her and she gave me a phone call a short time later and was really nice and reassured me my bag was authentic. she went out of her way to address the concerns i had with my bag.

    that said the last two times i have been there i have not been approached by an SA, although the doormen were nice and friendly saying "good afternoon" and so forth.

    must just be a luck of the draw thing :confused1:

    re: how much they earn, here is a salary survey for the retail industry in australia. unless they earn commission ontop of that, it would be fairly accurate. figures in $AUD:

    Salary Centre - Retail salary information & job trends @ MyCareer

    look under sales and senior management

    let's hope the customer service levels improve in future! if you have a specific incident bothering you i urge you to write a letter to head office maybe? i certainly would!
  8. I actually doubt many of them even went through college.
  9. Managers at these boutiques make at best $50,000.00 a year and SA make $15.00 an hour at best. A friend of mine worked at LV and she was only making $12.00 an hour. She actually made more $ working at the Gap after a few years. People tend to have this notion that these upscale designer stores pay quite a bit, fact is they DO NOT!! Associate managers make $18.00 an hour.
  10. I bring this knowledge to the forefront of my mind when a SA is nasty to me. I'm 22, just got out of school, and make significantly more than a 40 or 50 year old sales person. I'm a lucky girl!
  11. ^That's what I have heard also from friends who were previously in the business either at boutiques, NM or Nordstrom. I don't think how much they make really has anything to do with it. I am a sales manager (not in retail)and my income is 100% commission & I couldn't even imagine being rude or giving bad service to someone. I agree dealing with the public can be challenging but hey that is what I signed up for. If you are having a bad experience you need to report it. You are spending a lot of money on a luxury item and you deserve good service. I would certainly want to know if my assistant or sales team was rude or gave someone bad service. If I was there to purchase a high end item and this happened I would have no problem asking to speak to the manager.
  12. I really do not understand HOW they train these SA's? Are rudeness and a snobbish attitude embedded in their training programs? I agree with bellabags, a customer who potentially can spend thousands on a product should be treated with respect as any other customer who's just buying $100 keychains or whatever the cheapest product may be at these stores. Since this is a global problem, (even in Australia) does all of this come from LVMH or the Wertheimer brothers (who own Chanel)??
    If Saks and NM SAs are also like then, it's NOT exclusive to only boutiques, but it is really the general mentality of women and men who sign up for these jobs? How is it that these establishments don't value their customer service? I don't understand the mentality of this snobbish attitude SA's give.
  13. I'm now closing this thread.
    Megs and Vlad have made it VERY clear that we do not allow any degrading/flaming or slamming of anyone here.
    A comment about wishing you had better service is fine, but we won't allow people to continually degarde anyone.
    If someone wants to start a new thread SOLELY about SA's salaries, go ahead, but please, be respectful of Vlad and Megs house rules.
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