SA's and Sales Commission?

  1. I was always curious - how much do SA's make off of each sale they help you with? Does anyone know?
  2. I thought they didn't get any sales commission?
  3. No sales commission but their base pay starts at $14/hr
  4. I asked my SA about this last week and she told me that she and her fellow LV SA's were not on commission.
  5. do they a bonus then for meeting a sales goal?
    Seems there would be a little incentive?
  6. That's really surprising to know! What's the point of keeping with one SA then? Since there is no real incentive for them, why would they be nicer to you?
  7. Hmm... no commission?

    I always thought they'd get a basic + commission based on their sales achievement.
  8. There is no commission...:yes: and thats a fact:yes:
  9. nope but everything they sell is recorded down in the system and it shows who sold the most. i guess it determines who gets a raise.
  10. my old SA (she quit) told me that they get commission or bonus based on how well the store does...
  11. but does anyone know what kind of discount they get at LV? i know at gucci they get 50% off everything!
  12. There is no commission:yes:and thats a fact:yes:. Your friend informed you incorrectly.
  13. LV SA get 30% off and their spending limit is $3000 per year
  14. Keeping a close relationship with an SA has many benifits... They could hold things especially for you when they are released, bend the rules a little, invite you to parties if you don't quite have VIC status, and send you nice little gifts.
  15. I heard it was only 20%... so it's really 30%? Did your SA tell you this?;)