SAs and commission

  1. This may be common knowledge around here but I'm relatively new to the Hermes culture. Do SA's make commission on our purchases at the H boutiques? The reason I ask is that I bought some items in two different transactions. The SA numbers on the two receipts were different eventhough I was helped by only one person. Any thoughts on this???
  2. Yes, except Kellys and Birkins.

    The question I have is this though. When the store manager assigns one SA to you and she is the main SA to manage your wishlist, yet on the day your bag arrives, the SA is on leave, and another SA attends to you. Who gets the commission?
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  3. I think, they get individual commission on most things, but the birkin and kelly bags either they all share the commission, or it goes to the store.:shrugs:
  4. probably depends what it is... if it is kelly or birkin, I don't think it goes soley to any SA anyway, otherwise they probably honor the original SA.:s
  5. my SA gets commission on anything I buy besides a Kelly and a Birkin. Thanks for the info. I just didn't want someone else to get the credit if they didn't help me.
  6. Does the SA receive any compensation for selling the Birkin or Kelly because I know they spent an awful lot of time with me selecting colors, etc....maybe for a special order?
  7. Several SAs told me they don't get credits for selling Birkins or Kellys, but they get credits for selling everything else...
  8. oh thanks doesn't seem too fair.
  9. It makes sense- Kellys and Birkins sell by themselves, but what about all the other beautiful merch. available? It can't go unsold. If SAs got commission for K's and B's, they would spend all their time fighting over those sales, forgetting to sell anything else!
  10. That's true Eire, but my SA talked with me for hours and days on the phone and in person about the leathers/colors/hardware of the Kelly before I bought one.
  11.'re welcome...:shame: I know...I felt bad after I learned that they don't get credits for selling Birkins and Kellys, too!

  12. I am wondering does the rule apply to only Hermes stores in US that SAs don't get commissions for Kellys or Birkins or in European stores as well? :shrugs:
  13. My SA told me that if your regular SA isn't there to serve when you make a purchase and someone else serves you, then the SAs talk it through, and they may split the comm or to help a 3rd SA make her target, the sale may go that 3rd SA instead. It really depends on the store's culture and teamwork I guess.
  14. Hi,

    In Paris, all the SA's are commissioned on the monthly turnover of the store.
    The SA's of the leather department are not "specially" got a higher commission than the other SA. The SA's are not commissioned on Kelly / and Birkin too.
    And it's strictly probihited to accept presents from customers..... except flowers :lol:
  15. Interesting to note!