Sarkozy's Girlfriend Pregnant!

  1. from perez:

    Sarkozy's Girlfriend Pregnant!!!!!

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    This is too scandalicious to handle!

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy got divorced from his wife just a few months ago.
    Shortly thereafter, he began seeing former model Carla Bruni.
    The pair have been dating only two months and it is already believed that they are going to get married in early February.
    Now, according to new reports, Bruni is sperminated with Sarkozy's baby!!!!
    We. Love. It.
  2. so strange thier prime minister is like some celebrity- dont really respect him!
  3. thats not such a great pic of him:shame:
  4. Ick...he looks so old for her.
  5. I agree - he looks old and her cheekbones look kind of funny.
    Probably just the angle of the shot?
  6. Brilliant! Le Scandal!
  7. I agree.
  8. lol I dont think he's unattractive he's just got very prominent features! :biggrin:
  9. hmm, I think this gal has been around the block more than a few times ;

    She must have met him and bedded him in minutes, a real classy lady huh