Sardinia, Corsica or Capri?

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  1. Me and my DH might take a week off from work late spring/early summer. We have been discussing going to Sardinia, Corsica or Capri. Has anyone been to any of these islands?
  2. Sardegna is the biggest island,so you can see only a little part of the island in a week.
    The French Corsica is beautifull too,and very big(like sardegna, but a little small)
    You can see both of Sardegna and corsica because they are connected by ferry line!

    Capri is a really jem,romantic,beautiful..and very very very small.

    So it is important that you decide if you want only relax or if you like to see a lot of differente place..

    I suggest june for the period.
  3. These are beautiful places, you can´t go wrong !! Good choice.
    I have been to Corsica several times, it´s the French best kept secret in terms of travel destinations :graucho: (they happily leave the mediterranean coast to foreigners while they secretly embark for Corsica!!).
    We call it "the island of beauty", because the landscapes, especially on the west coast, are breathtaking.....pine trees, pink rock mountains, transparent blue water, then white cliffs (chalk) in the south.
    The architecture is very varied, because of the historical past. Corsica used to be italian before becoming French. The inhabitants still use their dialect, with french. They have a strong sense of identity and belonging to the Island, are a bit cold to tourists (the invaders).
  4. corsica is very nice my husband was stationd in la madd on the emory s land ship and we went there for the day i loved it wish i could go back
  5. Capri is quite small and you can explore the island in a day. You can cath a ferry to Capri from Sorrento and explore the rest of Southern Italy (Naples, Pompeii, Cinque Terre, etc.) during the remainder of your stay/vacation.
  6. Capri is absolutely beautiful-- very expensive and small-- but well worth the trip IMO. We stayed in Sorrento and then went to Naples (short drive) and took a ferry from there to Capri. From there we were tendered in on smaller boats and took a cable car to the top of the mountain (where all the shops and restaurants are). If you go, make sure you see the Blue Grotto.. it's amazing!
  7. I love Corsica and Corsicans! Some of the best people on Earth!!
  8. Corsica!!!:tup: The place is fantastic!
  9. ooooh i LOVEEE capri!!!! yes, it is small. but what an amazing and gorgeous place to relax.
  10. Of the three, I've only been to Capri. My view is a little different from everyone else's. It was beautiful, but really, really crowded in parts, to the point that I was freaked out and claustrophobic in the main square. If you get off the beaten path and wander around, it's great. I think the problem is that a lot of cruise ships stop there, so if you're there on the wrong day, there are suddenly several thousand day-trippers overrunning the place.
  11. Corsica is lovely, but not sure for a week. :sad:, maybe I'm just too antsy for that. But I have another suggestion for you Dubrovnik--Croatia--love the islands here.
  12. I would love to go to Corsica, I've read about it a lot! This was actaully a good reminder, we are going to South of France during summer and those two are fairly easy to combine. Please tell me your thoughts, Kashmira, if you ever go there (before me)!
  13. I've been to Amalfi and it's beautiful. Positano and Sorrento are further down the coast. There is an absolutely gorgeous hotel in Amalfi called Hotel Santa Caterina - it's a five star and it is divine! Actually it was the hotel where Angelina and Brad stayed during the Mr and Mrs Smith movie for a while when rumours were going around that they were seeing each other!

    I haven't been to Capri but my parents have and thought it was a total waste of money - ridiculously overpriced to get there and to buy anything on the island, e.g. cup of coffee or whatever. And they didn't even think it was that amazing - the Amalfi coast is much nicer.

    If you do go to the Amalfi coast, you'll be flying into Naples. We didn't stay in Naples at all, we rented a car at the airport and went straight to Amalfi. The Amalfi locals told us as well that Naples has a lot of crime and isn't very safe and to avoid it. So when the locals told us that we listened to them! We went to visit Pompeii as well which is an absolute must if you do go. Make sure you go early though - say around 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. Once midday comes it gets more crowded and the heat is unbearable!

    You'll see loads of super yachts along the Amalfi coast too as apparantly it's the new St Tropez for the rich and famous or whatever. We rented a boat one day and passed by this Titanic sized yacht and we spotted a woman in one of the rooms on the top deck on a treadmill! Twas kinda funny :smile:
  14. what are you looking for in you holiday? is it supposed to be a sea/beach holiday or are you looking just for relax? because in Corsica and in Sardinia water might be still quite cold in May/June, so if you're looking for this kind of holiday you might consider Sicily.
    Otherwise Capri and the Amalfi Coast is a stunning scenery! Enjoy!
  15. I would go to a bigger island for a vacation. Sardegna is a big island but Capri is 'the' island to see and be seen. With euro really down now, I'd go to Capri first (coz it can be costly as the stars hang around the island) for Sardegna, you can always go there next time! Enjoy!