1. A friend of my hubby's came over last night for Super Bowl. now, last year when he came over, he brought a bottle of wine and chocolate truffles and the rest of the guys here kind of ribbed him about that a bit-LOL. So, this year along with the wine and truffles, he brought a French beer and a can of sardines.

    I just had the sardines now for lunch and they were excellent-i told hubby to tell Terry thank you for lunch and hubby just called to say that Terry made a comment about eating sardines warm but didn't elaborate.

    I have seen sardines used in a pasta dish, but, not really any other way. So-how do you eat them?
  2. I just eat them straight out of the tin. Room temp. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. I know this is very countryside tradition, but my grandpa used to serve them out of a can on a slice of fresh white bread with butter ("tartine").....yummy and simple
  4. ^^ Yep, that's what I do-straight out of the tin, or, today, I did put them on some white bread with butter. I don't know what he is talking about
  5. I love Sardines!! :biggrin: I eat it with rice and I drizzle it with vinegar.
  6. Anyone ever have them with garlic and pickles?
  7. wow i love sardines in the tin can!

    we always had that in our house so i can say i grew up eating that!

    i usually ate it with rice & soy sauce. lol
  8. right outta the can! mmmmmmmm yummy!
  9. I love sardines right out of the can! Does anyone have a favorite brand?
  10. Sardines are so good for you. I can only eat them when hubby is out of town b/c he can't stand fish and the smell makes him gag. Ha! But to answer your question, right out of the can. On crackers.

    OH MY GOSH - this is my 500th post!!!! yay me!
  11. I love sardines with rice! yum...
  12. i buy sardines in tomato sauce and make a curry from them. Just add curry powder, corainder , fried onions and a couple of green chillies. Sometimes i asl add some fried potatoes. Yummy. Serve with rice!!
  13. Same here.

    The best ones I've had are still from the country where I grew up in. It just has a different taste.
  14. Had no idea there were so many sardine fans! I don't even think I've had them out of the can before. My memories of sardines are always of the French Rivera where the restaurants cook them fresh and whole. You get like eight little sardines! Delicious. I'll have to try the canned stuff -- any brand recs?
  15. i like them on toasted white bread. i think i might have that for lunch today!