Sara's UK collection

  1. Here's my collection - mainly Mulberry & LV. I've just added the Miu Miu and now I'm desperate to add a Prada. Thanks for looking.
    bag collection 1.JPG bag collection 2.JPG
  2. Very nice collection- love the mc pochette
  3. Sara great collection thanks for sharing with us
  4. Lovely Miu Miu!
  5. Great collection! love your black MC pochette
  6. love your chloe...great collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  7. Nice variety! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Great collection!
  9. A good mix of bags you got there. I love your red noe! Thanks for sharing.
  10. cute
  11. Beautiful collection!!! Love the white miu miu bag!!!
  12. the chloe's great.
  13. Great collection!