Sara's new blue tessuto satchel - pix!

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  1. Well here it is - and I LOVE it....
    Hope you all agree that it's totally fab.
    blue bag.JPG blue bag 2.JPG blue bag 3.JPG blue bag 4.JPG
  2. Love it! That's the one I sent back to Bluefly...:crybaby:
  3. Why did you return it - what was it you didn't like about it? I'm constantly undecided about bags I buy but I liked this one straight away. My only concern is it's a summer only bag.
  4. gorgeous bag!!! congrats!
  5. Love it, love it, love it. The blue is soooo pretty!!!

    Congrats..THATS A KEEPER!
  7. Since you like it a lot, it's a keeper; this shade of blue can be used even when it's not summer. Congrats Sarajane. =)
  8. It's gorgeous! Congrats on your new Prada!
  9. ^ I TOTALLY agree w/ Helena!!! Sara it's fabulous!!!! Love the the bag..It looks great on you!!! I have the black one and love it as well....CONGRATS!!!!:tup:
  10. No, no, no, no... blue is going to be in this coming fall and winter... it's the best color to invest in .. it is in both this summer AND fall

    look below.. (i know that's cobalt, but that's close enough to be peacock blue... isn't it?:yahoo:)
  11. I loved it...but decided to save for a fall bag, that's all!

  12. Thanks all - it's great to have so many people to help me decide!
    The more I look at it the more I think it would be great in the winter. I just need to swap my usual black, black and more black look for some midnight blue clothes.
    Just come back from Fat Club (as it's affectionately known) and lost 6.5lbs in one week so a good day all round!
  13. ^ Good job Sara!!!!'s a very good day for you!!!
  14. Congrats on the gorgeous new bag and the weight loss, that's a huge amount in a week :tup:

    I think the blue is a great year round colour.
  15. Love it! That's the one color in that bag that I'd definitely have for myself. Good job! :yahoo: