Sarah's New Burberry BABY BEATON

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  1. :yahoo:Hi All! This is my very first couture bag. Bought it in the Burberry store at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center in Denver 2 weeks ago. I know it's a Baby Beaton, but I can't seem to find the exact same model on the Burberry website or anywhere else. It's not the full-on leather (patent or otherwise) as the main body has a gray shimmery canvas check pattern and is trimmed with dark nickel leather and hardware. The metal loops have the Burberry script them and the belt is totally removable. The lining is a satin in tonal check. SEE THE ATTACHED PICTURES!

    I also noticed the nickel finish is coming off the buckle: any help in how to repair/clean it or is this part of the natural aging process? THANKS FOR LOOKING! :heart:
    IMG_3622.jpg IMG_3623.jpg IMG_3625.jpg IMG_3631.jpg IMG_3629.jpg
  2. pretty!i luv it
  3. Owww I love that bag! You're so lucky. I thought the shimmer check was all sold out everywhere. I only have a shimmer pouch and can't seem to find a shimmer bag anywhere anymore...
    Congrats on that beauty!!
  4. You're right, I can't find any more dark nickel shimmer Beatons either. The saleslady told me I snagged the last one in the Burberry in Denver, but they still had (2 weeks ago) the shimmer regular-check Baby Beaton and Mini Manor, and also the shimmer dark-nickel check Mini Manor.
  5. Wow, this bag is the silver!
  6. Love that bag- it is gorgeous!! Congrats
  7. that's a good size bag
  8. I love it! Congrats!!
  9. Wow!! I am in love with your bag!!! Congrats on the beautiful color!
  10. Very pretty!! Shimmer seems to be a big thing for their newer designs! Congrats!
  11. Very nice!:tup:
  12. Very nice!!
  13. It's lovely- congrats!
  14. omg! cant believe i missed this! congrats on ur new bag!
  15. I :heart: this bag, great color