Sarah's Mulberry Abingdon

  1. I know this is from Fall/Winter, but it was on sale and so tempting! Plus, the purplish color could work with some of my Spring outfits.:heart: Not sure if this was believable, but the SA at the Madison Ave store in NYC said it was "the last one available in the States." Even if false, I would have bought it anyway, but it was a bonus to feel a little extra special.:shame:
    Mulberry Abingdon Edit.jpg
  2. I actually believe that story! Lovely bag! What is the size of it???

    Enjoy and welcome!
  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous bag!

  4. Thanks! The size is 9"W 4"H 3"D and the drop is 7". I'm so excited about it!
  5. You should post a modeling pic!!
  6. very nice. congrats!
  7. Cute, congrats! The colour is beautiful!
  8. It's lovely, what a great colour! Please post some modelling pics in our reference threads as we haven't got a bag like yours in there yet.
  9. Very beautiful bag. Enjoy it!
  10. Love the colour, very cute bag, congrats:tup:
  11. I"ll put some modeling pics up sometime over the weekend. Thanks!
  12. Great, we'll look forward to them!
  13. Here are pictures of the bag being modeled as requested. I SOOO :heart: the color (Damson)!

    The bag is goatskin and the inner lining is brown with the signature mulberry pattern, and the metal tag on the inside has the serial number on the back. It features a postman's lock that simply flips up and down. 4 pockets: 1 main compartment, 2 inner pockets, and an external pocket spanning the back of the bag.

    Anyone else have one?
    Mulberry Abingdon 2 edit.jpg Mulberry Abingdon Modeled 2 edit.jpg Mulberry Abingdon Modeled 4 edit.jpg Mulberry Abingdon Modeled 6 edit.jpg
  14. Very cute!!!! Looks great on you!:tup::tup:
  15. OMG - what a gorgeous bag! I LOVE the colour - lovely with wintry blacks and greys, but I can so see it with spring outfits too - white/creams/beige, light greens... pale pink... She really suits you too!