sarahmarie's collection of bags for the summer

  1. I am at my parent's house for most of the summer and only brought back a portion of my purses to use while I am here:


    sorry for the bad quality from my camera phone
  2. love the Chanel & the LV perfo! =D
  3. what's the black one? =)
  4. Love the perfo!!
  5. great collection! i really like that metallic one with the bamboo handle... is that gucci?
  6. The gold metallic one is Gucci.. just got it at Saks for $1200, the original retail price is $3200. The sales associate also said she will adjust the price when it goes down again in a couple weeks, so it should be around $1000.

    The black one is actually just Betsey Johnson and I mainly use it for school to carry around my books.
  7. I noticed a lot of people have pictures of their shoes as well, so I just took a pic of mine:

    Top row (L-R): Gucci, Dior, YSL
    Bottom row: all Chanel

  8. I :heart: your collection! I have the same perfo pochette. Your Chanel is stunning! Oh and the Juicy Couture bag is soo cute!
  9. Love your love love your shoes!! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Nice collection. =)
  11. I love your LV and Gucci handbags
  12. I love that Gucci as well as the YSL shoes
  13. I love those Chanel slip-on sneakers!!! And I love the white Chanel bag!! Great collection!
  14. so many great items. the keepall really catches my eye.
  15. I really like that Betsey Johnson one! Thanks for sharing!