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  1. Bags that I've had the pleasure to own.. some of them still here, some of them gone to fund my new Hermes addiction *hiding in shame*..
    kelly1.jpg kellyalma.jpg thalassa1.jpg bj1.jpg leonor.jpg letal.jpg vernisgals.jpg DSCF2149.jpg cb_cb.jpg bronzesisters.jpg
  2. Very nice Sarah! Are those 2 diff birkins?? Very nice....and the kelly is so pretty!
  3. wow sarah love the pink hermes bag - i have not made that leap yet - do you mind me asking how much one of those in that colour would set me back :smile:
  4. Your bags are TDF... of course expecially your Birkins and Kelly! BEAUTIFUL!!
  5. I think I just fell in love with all of your Cherry Blossom bags... :biggrin:
  6. Sarah- your collection is TDF! I absolutely love the Kelly and especially the BIRKINS!!! I can't remember, is that Thalassa? And the infamous Blue Jean:P Just love your bags! Thanks for sharing!
  7. I am so in love with your vernis line, they are cantik !!
  8. Sarah - how did I miss that pink kelley??? Just beautiful............. :smile:
  9. Love the Kelly!
  10. sarah lovelllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy collection!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :love:
  11. You have an AMAZING collection! :love::love::love:
  12. Thanks guys, you are very kind :love:

    Kimmy..the kelly cost me 3480 GBP, but then I got to claim back the VAT which is around 15%, so minus VAT = around 2958 GBP.

    Jag, yes one is thalassa (the darker one) and one is blue jean..

    I used to be a CB freak! I obsessed about owning the whole line, yes the whole line! That's how crazy I was. But now, all I got is the 3 retros, 1 pochette, 2 PTI wallets, and 1 pochette cles.

    Btw, I'm not done.. here are more pics.. I wanna put them all in 1 post, but PF only lets us put 10 pics.. Thanks for letting me share!
    cles.jpg 12002.jpg 86910225.jpg 88326319.jpg 88888778.jpg 108953673.jpg DSCF2143.jpg 126432198.jpg 131209343.jpg 131710756.jpg
  13. Thansk Sarah! Your collection is truly amazing!
  14. WOW - quite the LV collection - very unique pieces - I find the mushroom piece especially intriguing as I have never seen that before.

    Thanks so much for sharing. :biggrin:
  15. Sarah, your collection is amazing! Love your CB's & Birkin. Thanks for sharing.