Sarah Wallet or Zippy Organizer? Why do you love it?

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  1. I need a larger wallet (already have the compact zippy wallet NM) however, for my bigger bags I want something that can carry more (cards, receipts, and preferably keep cash straight). I'm considering the Sarah Wallet or Zippy Organizer? Which one do you prefer and why?
  2. The zippy organizer is very large. I think the regular zippy is more of the size of the Sarah wallet and is my favorite wallet
  3. I should have said i had the organizer and it was just too large unless traveling or like huge wallets. The zippy is the perfect size and can fit a lot. I have 4
  4. Yep, the regular Zippy is roomy but not ungainly large. It has a slim profile and is great for stashing receipts and extra cards. US currency fits perfectly without folding.

  5. But don't you find it hard to get your cards out of the zippy? (cards hitting the zipper on the corners)?
  6. I want the zippy myself because it is spacious and I like to put a lot in my wallet! Lol
  7. Zippy organizer all the way! I've had mine since 2008 and I've never changed it since!! Love love love it! Fits everything and keeps you organized..obviously lol
  8. Sarah! The snap is so much easier/quicker than a zipper and I love the 4 card slots in the front. I have been so much more organized since I started using my Sarah.
  9. I have the insolite organizer and I do like it. It has great storage and organization as well as security with 2 zippers. The only negative thing I will say is if you double up your cards in the slots it will stretch the slots. With that being said, because of the way the wallet opens if the slots are stretched your cards will fall out. I personally do not double my cards but I bought this wallet preloved and I'm assuming the previous owner did because of the way they are stretched. I don't have a Sarah but I do have the caissa and so far I love it. Just wish it had more card slots lol. I should've bought the Sarah! GL deciding!

  10. Do you find it too big? Would it fit in the Speedy 25? I have tons of cards for me and my kids as well as receipts. I too feel like this would keep me more organized.

  11. I have a few small wallets too. I only use those on rare I occasions that I need to use a small clutch or my Eva. The zippy organizer fits a speedy 25 with no issue. I don't find too big for daily use.
  12. I vote for the Sarah. I love mine!! I chose it over the Zippy because I find zips on wallets annoying, I much prefer a simple snap close.

    I can fit heaps in to my Sarah and it has lots of card slots.
  13. Sarah for sure; lots of card slots; easy to open too; lovely wallet.
  14. Zippy Organizer can pretty much carry your life. You can fit your phone and/or a pen inside it. Definitely a passport. It's huge!
    Sarah is a sarah is a sarah. ❤️ it, I probably have about 10 of them
    Between the two I'd pick a Sarah but man that ZO is damn handy!!
  15. I've had both Sarah and now zippy. I sold my Sarah and much prefer my zippy wallet. It holds so much and is so organized and very secure.