Sarah wallet in Monogram or Vernis

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  1. I've never owned a Vernis piece, and I'm looking at the Sarah to replace my DE Zippy Compact. I used that wallet every day for 4 years, and I'm proud to say I just sold it looking pretty much like new. Granted, I took great care of it, but I just love the durability of canvas :smile:

    It's between the Sarah in RB Vernis or Monogram canvas. I think I'd be ok as far as color transfer goes - I have actually been known to carry my wallets in my purses with their dust bags on lol - but is there anything else I should know about Vernis? Does it wear as well or better than Monogram?
  2. I've had bad experiences with Vernis. I only blame myself. Color transfer, ink spots, I was so bummed when I found my pieces in that condition. It was a lighter color, kinda like Dune maybe. I still have the two pieces but will end up selling them as a "project" for someone else.

    The Sarah is my favorite wallet & I have it in the "groom" line, Mono and a beautiful empreinte color. Good luck on what you choose.