Sarah Wallet in Empreinte or Monogram Canvas?

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  1. Hi tPFers, I'm trying to decide between the Sarah wallet in either Empreinte or Monogram Canvas. Was wondering if I could gather some thoughts on them.

    I think the Empreinte leather is gorgeous but I didn't like the half embossed leather design of the Sarah as much as I had liked the fully embossed design of the Curieuse. Unfortunately, the Curieuse is now discontinued. In addition, I'm afraid of the embossing fading over time.

    On the other hand, I like how classic the monogram canvas looked but I'm worried about any cracking or peeling or any other quality issues that may come with the monogram canvas.

    Which would hold up better to wear and tear?

    Which would you suggest I get? The classic looking monogram canvas or the gorgeous and chic Empreinte?


    P.S. I'm also considering wallets from other brands and any recommendations would be great :P Preferably something roomy to hold cards. I actually consider Sarah just a tiny bit too big for my hands so anything bigger is a definite no-no
  2. Between the two options the Empriente definitely has my vote. It holds up better against wear and tear, doesn't crack from extreme cold, is luxurious and smells wonderful, and the embossing is pretty determined so it won't lift easily.
  3. I have both the Curieuse and Clemence wallets in Empreinte. And I also have a Josephine wallet in Monogram. I suggest you go for Empreinte as it looks more elegant.
  4. O.k. I have the OM Sarah for 4 years and no issues with cracking or anything else (carry it all days) I vote for canvas, but when you prefer leather, than empriente. Both looks classic for me, canvas more casual. Good luck to decide
  5. Have you considered the Sarah retiro wallet? It's reinforced with leather on the sides which should help prevent cracking. I have the Clemence emp in noir and love it to death!!!
  6. Personally, I would go for leather. My leather LV items, an Epi agenda that is at least 15 years old and a Taiga Pocket Organizer, have held up wonderfully. They look just as beautiful as the day I bought them and the embossed leather on both still looks amazing. The canvas LV wallet I have in the Monogram Canvas is chipping (the flowers are rubbing off to reveal the brown color underneath them, I think the flowers are screen printed). But, I will say the canvas, besides the chipping off, is very durable and looks just as beautiful as the day I bought it, which was around February of last year. Granted, I only use it around once a week, but I'd say it still looks pretty good.

    I'd go for the leather! :biggrin:
  7. +1
  8. The leather is gorgeous and definitely prettier than the canvas, but IMO the canvas wallets hold up the best. They are pretty indestructible.
  9. Leather has my vote.. bought one today after the same dilemma
  10. I vote empriente since it's softer.
  11. Hi Ladies! Thanks for the feedback. It seems like there is a clear winner - the empriente. I really loved the leather (loved the Curieuse even more. Shame it was discontinued :nogood: ).

    I'm just deciding between the Sarah empriente and Guccissima. I have a feeling I'll go for the Sarah because it's just too gorgeous and I can't resist! The threads about declining quality has got me a bit worried about LV though
  12. I would opt for the Sarah in Empreinte leather. :smile:
  13. +1
  14. If it makes you feel any better, I had the Curieuse and didn't like the way the detachable coin pouch would lift when I tried to unzip it. I sold it, then a year later my partner bought me a Sarah in the Emp and I LOVE it. Its so luxurious compared to my canvas Emilie.
  15. I'll be one of the few and say canvas...all of my leather items (different brands from BV to Bal to Ferragamo eventually show wear, especially on SLGs). I just purchased a canvas wallet because I feel it will look newer for a longer time.