sarah wallet... how do I return it?

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  1. I got the sarah wallet today and I pulled it out of its dust bag for test drive. Openned it up, look at the compartments, unzipped the coin portion... as I do this...I notice fingerprints on the face so I wiped it with its dust pouch... put it back in... after a few minutes.. I want to look at it again... so i took it back out.. and noticed the gold button snap is scratched! Had it been there before? I dont know... I plan to return it cause international is coming... do you think I can? HELP!
  2. what do you mean international is coming, did you buy the sarah online or in store?
  3. what i am confused?
  4. If you bought it today, i do not see why you should not be able to return it.
  5. fingerprints on the face? is it vernis?? maybe a better explanation will help us help you.....:useless:
  6. I think the OP is worried she can't return it because she noticed a scratch on the button. I think you'll be ok as long as the card slots haven't been used than the store should see that you didn't use it.
  7. Sorry for confusing all of you...

    I ordered my second choice wallet, Vernis Sarah (pomme) from Saks... and then as advised by other pFers to hunt down my first choice, the International also in vernis pomme, and so I did. I ordered it the next day from LV Colorado. Sarah came today and I inspected it if I like it and that is how I think I may have scratched it....

    I plan to mail it back tomorrow... I am worried the SA might say it can not be returned due to the scatch...