Sarah wallet- Epi or Empreinte?

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  1. Hi everyone! I have a blueberry epi Sarah and am just not sure about it. I am also looking at the sarah wallet in empreinte in the noir color. Does anyone have the sarah empreinte wallet and how has it held up? Any regrets or cons? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I own sarah empreinte in grape. But it has only being a month and half... absolutely no regrets. Smells divine. Had emilie before but as ir was canvas it was stiff i guess so will be epi.. empreinte in soft n flexible so probably could stuff more but con is it might stretch abit n will not hv cordination of flap n button.. i hope it makes sense.. but i m in love with my wallet. I feel cheated as emilie is soon to release in empreinte n its much cheaper.. cheaper than sarah canvas. Well but i guess dats life
  3. Have you seen the Normandy wallet? It's both canvas and leather and is divine. I have many full leather wallets but this one somehow I have a soft spot for

  4. Thanks so much for your pics and thoughts! I did look at tge Normandy but was not impressed as i thought i would be. Something bothered me about the glazing and i just love an all black wallet i think. Thanks!
  5. Originally purchashed the Sarah wallet in Epi leather but the stitching inside the flap of the wallet was so rough that it created dent marks on the leather touching the flap when it's closed only after 2 months of use. SA was awesome and offered me a replacement for it even though I was only showing it to find out whether it's something normal. Got another brand new Epi Sarah wallet that day but didn't really inspect it in the store as I was in a hurry. The day after when I finally got a chance to look at the wallet, I noticed at the back of the wallet where the pocket is, the last stitch which would normally hold the back pocket to the entire wallet was missing! I know right. So long story short, had to go back to the store again and opted to exchange the epi to the empreinte version instead because I really adore the Sarah wallets. I couldn't have been more happier with my decision. I'm expecting several years of good use.
    IMG_9102.JPG IMG_9104.JPG
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  6. I ave the Sarah in Empreinte Cerise -- love it!!
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  7. i highly recommend the empreinte leather. As durable as the Epi line are, i can't get over the stiffness in SLGs. especially the credit card slots in the wallets. I have owned the secret long, curieuse regular and compact and they all held up great. over time you'll just notice the soften of the leather but the wallet do wear very well as a whole. GL!
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  8. Empreinte Sarah looks soo lux! The SA here told me its supposed to be quite durable, but given others have issues with stitching etc, it would be better if you can inspect it in person in store to make sure its in perfect condition as preferred!
    I agree with onmymind24seven that epi, although durable, feels quite stiff for slgs. I would get an epi Alma, or neverfull, but not slgs.
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  9. The Empreinte, hands down, it's gorgeous... epi everything seems to age better, but at the end of the day, if you take care of whatever you buy it should last
  10. I have both the epi Sarah in blueberry and the empreinte Sarah in noir. Both are beautiful and durable in their own ways. I would say the epi is slightly more durable and shows less aging over time. I think the blueberry is just gorgeous and personally, wouldn't part with mine. It's also in a color that u don't ever see from Louis Vuitton (feel like they don't do vibrant blue family colors often). I don't think I could choose between these two beauties, and I guess I feel lucky that, for now, I don't have to. I guess if u are planning to choose, you really can't go wrong either way in my humble opinion!